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    Winterize Your Balcony Garden

    November 13, 2014

    Winterize Your Balcony Garden

    Getting your green thumb in full swing during the summer can make it extra disappointing when winter hits. What are you supposed to do when all the plants you lovingly cared for in the warmer seasons wither up in the frost? Thankfully there are a lot of options for balcony and patio gardeners who still want to get their fix of plant-tending, even in the middle of December. Read on to learn more about how to prepare your balcony or patio garden for winter.

    Say hi to the evergreens

    Switch out your prior season plants with hardier varieties that can stand up to the chill of a Connecticut winter. Good options for a patio garden in the winter include evergreens like rosemary, cherry laurel, and fir. For the more ambitious gardener, consider winter jasmine.

    Protect your plants

    Anyone who has lived through a rough winter knows that even though the dropping temperature can get to you, it's the wind that will really knock you out! Plants are no exception to this winter reality. Not only are planters susceptible to blowing over in large wind gusts but the plants themselves can even be uprooted. If possible, put your planters in a corner that's shielded from the wind or put larger planters with hardier plants towards the outside of your balcony to absorb most of the harsh winds.

    Don't neglect routine tending

    It's easy during the summer; who wouldn't want to be out on the patio drinking tea, trimming branches, and soaking in the certain summer patio joie de vivre? In winter, when you have to brace yourself to step foot outside, the appeal of saving your gardening for another day in favor of a hot cocoa can be irresistible, but winter plants need water too! It's important to remember to do routine plant maintenance, like watering, checking for pests, and trimming your plants, you just might have to dust off a little snow to get to them first.

    Winterizing your patio garden is a great way to keep your house feeling lively even in the drearier months. And after all, even if you do get a little chilly tending to your cherry laurel, you always have The Waypointe's clubroom fireplace to warm up again by.

    Image: Flickr