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    Ways To Give Back On Holidays

    November 22, 2019

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    Thanksgiving is almost here, so it’s only natural that you’ll want to show a bit of appreciation for community over at the luxury apartments in CT. Now, there are varying opinions on the act of volunteering, and good cases to be made for why you shouldn’t just rush out during the holiday season to try and do some good. Charitable organizations are often overrun by the deluge of requests they receive from well-intentioned (but sometimes misguided) souls that want to help out.

    The overarching point in arguments against volunteering during the holidays is that it’s not something you should do as a snap decision, and it’s not something that you should only be thinking about around the holiday season to “make yourself feel like a good person.” So, with that in mind, what are some meaningful and productive ways you can help, without making things more stressful for your community organizations? That’s exactly what we’ll be examining today, as we take a look at the many other practical ways you can contribute without actually volunteering your time at the soup kitchen or food pantry.

    Helping The Community The Right Way

    Here’s something you may not have known: soup kitchens get plenty of interest from would-be volunteers for Thanksgiving day, but in the days following the holiday, that interest tends to decline sharply. And donating food cans, if you were thinking that would be an effective alternate solution, can also be superfluous, because food pantries and soup kitchens often have their own networks to acquire food for the needy at discounted costs (making your own purchases of food wasteful, by extension). The answer? It’s often better to donate your money directly to charities, rather than to donate cans of food or decide to volunteer at the spur of the moment around the holidays.

    Then there’s the fact that the needy, people in the community that need help, require more than just food to assist them. If you have skills, according to a Quartzy article on the topic of volunteer work, you should be implementing these to aid those in need:

    “People who are down on their luck also need more than food. They need jobs, training, housing, health care, child care. And they need people with the skills to help them navigate bureaucracies and get the services they need. Your professional skills could be exactly the help a person needs.”

    Finally, it’s important to recognize that volunteer work shouldn’t be something to help yourself feel good or that you’ve done something constructive during the holidays. It should be focused on the people who need help, and should be a regular commitment rather than an occasional thing. Keep this in mind, and use that knowledge to help make a real difference within your community and beyond!

    Keep Giving Back Around The Luxury Apartments In CT

    Apartments like The Waypointe are a great place to lay down roots and really get involved in the well-being of your local neighborhood. This coastal Connecticut community is all about being connected, so if you’re looking for a place where you can feel welcome and extend that welcome to your fellow citizens, you needn’t look much further. Add to that the luxurious and comforting surroundings, and you’ve got the recipe for a life lived exceptionally well. Come discover what The Waypointe has to offer, and learn how you can make this your new home today.