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    Valentine's Day Near Waypointe

    February 10, 2015

    Chocolate cake for Valentine's Day

    Mom always said to eat dinner before dessert, but Valentines Day is one of those special times when you can disregard every notion of health and eat chocolate to your heart’s content.

    Have the sweetest Valentine’s Day near The Waypointe this year, and enjoy delicious confections on a sweet tour of Norfolk’s finest shops. Here are our top picks for this year. (Note: if you're not a chocolate lover, there's alternative options for you in nearly every one of these shops!)

    Chocolate Rain | 69 Wilton Avenue

    Strawberries covered in Belgian chocolate. Dark chocolate covered bittersweet orange peels. Dark chocolate champagne truffles. Dark chocolate pistachio truffles. If you’re looking for something different, Chocolate Rain) has your number. In addition, the atmosphere is steeped in friendliness and the warmth of the neighborhood. Could it get any better?

    Chocopologie | 12 South Main Street

    If you’re interested in seeing the way the chocolates get from the counter to the case, Chocopologie should be your first stop. See the chocolate makers in action - everything is made with care on the premises with premium ingredients that will make your mouth water. You’ll be dying for a taste - luckily, it’s also a shop.

    S&S Sweet Treats | 38 Main Street

    Cakes, pies - whatever sweet treat suits your fancy, you can find it at S&S Sweeet Treats. And if you want to have a proper meal (before or after dessert), they also serve soup in bread bowls, sandwiches, and the like.

    Oh, and let’s not forget the 30/30 challenge. For a mere $20 and your signature on a waiver, you or your honey can attempt to down 30 scoops of ice cream with three toppings and whipped cream in 30 minutes. If you achieve this feat, you make it onto their Wall of Fame, get a customized sundae name, and get the $20 back. If not,’re on the “Wall of Shame” instead, and leave $20 poorer (with a stomachache, probably). Not for the faint of heart.

    SoNo Baking Company | 101 Water Street

    If you’re a pie person, you’ll love SoNo Baking Company. They have everything from lemon tarts to apple crumb - and they serve a full menu, so if you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and want to top it off with dessert - this is your best bet. Purchase a homemade loaf of bread for the road.

    Mama’s Boy Southern Table | 19 North Water Street)

    Mama Boy’s dessert menu is to die for, and we can’t quite put our finger on what makes it so special. The southern hospitality? The extensive wine selection? The warm brown sundae with vanilla ice cream, bruleed bananas topped with dulce de leche, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and chocolate covered bacon? Yeah, it could definitely be that last one. Cut through the mounds of sugar with a nice strong espresso.

    All of these sweet stops are close to The Waypointe, and if you haven’t yet made the move here, contact us today. You have to see the amenities and features to believe them - and we’re willing to bet they’ll make your V-day even sweeter.

    Image: Flickr