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    Unique Fun Things Kids Norwalk

    August 25, 2017

    Norwalk Kids Activities - The Waypointe Apts

    Norwalk CT is a beautiful city and it is a very popular place to live. Norwalk sits on the Northern Shore of the Long Island Sound and is close enough to easily travel to New York or New Jersey and back.

    There are beautiful and modern places to live like The Waypointe. These luxury apartments are state of the art and there is no better place to live in Norwalk. If there is a down economy or if you are a career minded person who has little time for maintenance and wants to enjoy the good life now, Waypointe will take care of all your needs.

    The city of Norwalk is serious about family activities. They care about the family unit and ensure that there is plenty to do and see for children of all ages. Below we will list some of the most popular choices for families who want to entertain and educate their children. This list is not even close to all of the activities in Norwalk and you are encouraged to do your own research. The Norwalk City website is a great place to start. They have events and a monthly calendar that will keep you in the loop every month.

    The Maritime Aquarium

    In 1988, The Maritime Aquarium opened their doors to the public. They established themselves in a refurbished factory that was in use in the 1860s. That was the first of many unique ideas this wonderful organization brought to life. The Long Island Sound is an important part of the commerce, history, and marine life of the area. This aquarium was created to educate people about the wonders they are exposed to, that people who do not live in the area never experience.

    Visitors move at their own pace and enjoy more than 34 exhibits and more than 1200 marine animals.

    It is unusual to have a Jelly Fish exhibit in an aquarium. Jellies are not strong swimmers and the filtration on most exhibits would destroy them. But The Maritime Aquarium has a custom built an exhibit especially for these beauties of the sea. Kids of all ages are fascinated to see them in action. Enjoy sharks, sea otters, and sea turtles and learn about the fascinating Long Island Sound system.

    The Maritime Aquarium also features the largest IMAX Theater in Conneaut.

    World-Class Museums

    Norwalk features 5 world-class museums. They are:

    George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum
    The George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum has some of the finest and largest collections in the world. It was established in 1896, and houses one of the world’s largest Chinese cloisonné in any country other than Asia. There is a vast collection of 19th-century paintings, carpets, restored Tiffany stained glass windows, and Japanese lacquer. There are arms and armor collection and much more.

    Springfield Science Museum

    This great museum was established in 1859 in City Hall. It was officially opened 40 years later in another location. The permanent exhibits that are housed here feature Natural Science, Anthropology, and Physical Science. There is a planetarium with the oldest (operating) star projector in the United States. You will also enjoy the public observatory.

    Michelle and Donald Amour Museum of Fine Arts

    This world-class museum features fine art and includes a comprehensive collection of watercolors, paintings, sculptures and prints from America, Asia, and Europe. They also feature metalwork, textiles, ceramics, and glass.

    Lyman and Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield

    If you are interested in local history, this is the place to visit. From the history of the Connecticut River Valley to diverse educational exhibits, this is a museum with everything. They feature a vast collection of Indian Motorcycles which is the largest in the world. They have a firearms collection with more than 1600 weapons. Part of this collection is the largest Smith & Wesson collection in the world. Kids will love the Hasbro Gameland and the aircraft and automobile galleries.

    The Amazing World Of Dr. Seuss Museum

    Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden
    You will never visit another museum like this anywhere in the world. This is the one and only world of the famous Theodor Geisel that children of all ages recognize as Dr. Seuss. This museum is so popular that the tickets are timed. 200 people are allowed in per hour during business hours. 100 of those tickets are set aside for visitors to the area who call for a reserved entry time.

    The first floor is an up-close and personal peek into the mastermind of this creative genius. The children have interactive exhibits and games. They can rhyme with the programs that changed the way children everywhere learned to read.

    The second floor is a museum of the actual family life and home of the Geisel’s. The furnishings are authentic and the museum is operated by the family of Theodor Geisel.

    There are few creative people who can lay claim to impacting generations of children. Dr. Seuss holds a high position on the list. This is a must see activity if you are in the area.

    Calf Pasture Beach

    If you just want to get out in the sunshine and enjoy the beach or let the kids play in the water park, head for Calf Pasture Beach. This playground and water-park is a great place just to let the kiddos run off some steam.

    While you are there, you might see people taking advantage of the spectacular view of the sea having a wedding. You might happen upon an antique car show or one of the numerous shows, exhibit’s, and activates that book this park every month.

    No matter what your idea of fun is, you will find in in Norwalk. No matter what your idea of perfect living is, you will find it in Norwalk. Come for a visit or come to stay. You will be glad you did.