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    Ultimate Winter Travel List

    January 9, 2019

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    With 2019 finally here, your social media channels are probably flooded with all sorts of resolutions. Some people want to get in shape, some want to focus on their interpersonal relationships, and others want to better themselves through education or positivity. If none of those really hit home this year, then why not resolve to do a little traveling instead? From apartments in Norwalk, you can plan an incredible winter travel list to kick start this easily achievable goal.

    Traveling is a luxury, but it also holds a level of adventure and wonder that can put things in a new perspective as you enter 2019. Whether you want to stick close to home or see the far reaches of the world, here are a few top winter travel spots to consider.

    Bears Ears National Monument, Utah

    This unique stone monument is a natural creation that served as a crossroads for numerous Native American tribes from the Navajo to the Hopi and Zuni. The rock earns its name from a central point featuring two sandstone buttes that resemble the ears of a curious bear. From the roughly 1.5 million acres of canyons in the area, you can see this unique rock sculpture from up to 60 miles away.

    With more than enough area to traverse and a deep-rooted history, it comes as no surprise that Bears Ears is home to some ecological wonders. There are over 10,000 archaeological sites dating back some 13,000 years to explore, including the House on Fire Ruin and ancient cliff dwellings on Comb Ridge.

    Staying in the area is as simple as camping in the park, which gives you an incredible view of the night sky thanks to the lack of man-made lighting. If that isn’t your cup of tea, then there are several hotels in nearby towns like Blanding and Bluff. Since extreme heat and flash flooding make a summer trip to Bears Ears near impossible, this is an excellent winter destination.

    Puerto Rico

    Many imagine Puerto Rico as sunny and summery, but it is actually the winter months that provide the best weather in this enchanted isle. In fact, peak travel season takes place from November to June. There’s a little something on this island for everyone, and a newly revitalized tourist economy has helped reshape the many experiences you can have on your travels.

    You could relax in a beach town like Condado, take a historic tour after a day of coastal sailing, or take a kayaking adventure in San Juan Bay. Check out the cultural and culinary district in La Placita, or enjoy a drink at the Bacardi Distillery. Whether you’re searching for revitalization or adventure, you can find it in Puerto Rico.

    Lagos, Nigeria

    Lagos is notoriously hot and humid year-round, but January brings a much-welcomed dry heat that makes it perfect for travel. The area has seen a change towards extreme wealth, giving it the allure of perpetual parties and envious fashion accompanied by its beachside locale. The city itself remains a chaotic venture not suited for everyone, but the islands are where tourists flock for incredible experiences.

    Lagos Island is the business downtown of the area, while Victoria boasts a Beverly Hills-type sophistication and wealth. Ikoyi is the nightlife hotspot, filled with clubs and posh hotels. You can cross all three off your list with ease and enjoy the finer things in life on this luxe winter vacation.

    Mexico City, Mexico

    If you’ve never traveled across the border, then now is the perfect time to do so. Trade in the coastlines of Cancun for Mexico City, central hub of food and art. The culture here is rich and the history runs deep. You can hop from one art museum to the next, enjoy organic regional cuisines from street vendors, and sip on some of the best coffee in the world.

    Spring is considered the best time by many to visit the city, but winter temperatures will help you beat the heat during your visit. To really capture the beauty of the city (and gain the best possible Instagram photo), head to Nevado de Toluca. This peak offers breathtaking views of the gorgeous city.

    The Dead Sea

    In the middle of Israel, Palestine, and Jordan, you can find The Dead Sea shimmering in the desert heat. The “sea” is too salty to support life and too dry to support vegetation, yet it remains a place of healing for tourists around the world. The nutrient-rich mud and salt combine to fuel nearby spa complexes, which are a must on your trip, but you can also enjoy the sea on its own like any other beach.

    The local Ein Gedi Hotel offers fantastic trips to help you make the most of your time at The Dead Sea. There’s even a local nature reserve owned by the same group. While you’re there, enjoy the full experience by coating yourself in mud, letting it dry, then rinsing off in the salty water. You’ll feel like a new person.

    Detroit, Michigan

    If you need to re-inspire your faith in humanity in 2019, then Detroit is the place to be. Despite being portrayed as some sort of “warzone” by politicians arguing about gun control, the city is actually in the midst of one of the greatest comebacks in American history. Transformations are taking place from one end of the city limits to the other in the form of new developments, renovations, and commerce opportunities (you know, delicious restaurants and boutique shops).

    The names behind this revival are New York’s SHoP Architects beautifying areas by the Hudson, a local developer by the name of Bedrock who has poured $830 million into new developments, and Ford’s contribution of a new campus for transportation innovation. Stay at any of the boutique hotels to experience the stark change in a distinctly new Detroit city.

    Apartments, Norwalk

    As much a home as it is a destination, The Waypointe redefines luxury living in Connecticut’s premier waterfront destination. After your travels are over, welcome yourself back in the comforts of contemporary design, timeless sophistication, and refined amenities.

    Homes within The Waypointe feature the finest in modern furnishings from kitchen islands with quartz countertops to cathedral ceilings and luxe bathrooms. A vast compilation of carefully curated amenities cater to every facet of life. Work, play, and life’s subtleties are taken care of with concierge-style services and unique spaces.

    These apartment homes allow you to live, dine and shop the sophisticated locale of Norwalk, CT. Enjoy the finer things in life like never before. Welcome to The Waypointe.