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    Top Stamford Food Trucks

    September 18, 2019

    group of women buying food from food trucks

    As you head out from the Stamford CT apartments, there’s a good chance you’ll get hungry at some point during your day. Now, you could pack a lunch or stop in at a local restaurant, which wouldn’t be bad options by any stretch of the imagination. There are also tons of amazing Stamford food trucks to try on for size, though, and today, we’re going to be highlighting some of those amazing options so you have even more to choose from next time you’re out and about with the munchies.

    Hapa Food Truck

    Few can do it like the boys behind the Hapa Food Truck. Serving up mobile delights like tacos, rice bowls, burgers, and more, they’ve gained a reputation for delivering on savory treats that will alter your day for the better. Wash it down with a cold drink, and you’ll leave congratulating yourself on your well-thought out decision.

    Melt Mobile

    Boasting a “modern approach” to the food truck game, Melt Mobile, as the name suggests, are masters of the sandwich. In particular, they are paragons of the grilled cheese, serving them up with that crispy exterior and bread drenched in delicious butter with cheese slowly melting all around. It’s great, it melts in your mouth, and if you can catch up with them, your taste buds will surely thank you.

    Daniels Food Truck

    Founded in 2016, the Daniels food truck specializes in a kind of Guatemalan-American fusion that always delights. It’s an innovative family venture (the Carillo family, to be specific) that roams the streets of Stamford bringing you some of the tastiest food you’ve ever had from a food truck. Be sure to check out the Carne Asada at least once if you really want to experience flavor!

    Pito Sofrito

    If you’d like a bit of Puerto Rican, the Pito Sofrito food truck is the one for you. We’re not sure what their middle name is, but it might as well be “delicious” with all the amazing offerings they serve here. For a true treat, be sure to grab an empanada (or two) to enjoy during your lunch break, and add a side of Yucca fries to make it magical.

    Golden Spoon Jamaican Cuisine

    It’s right there in the title. The Golden Spoon are masters of authentic Jamaican cuisine, all manner of delicious fresh foods and juices. No matter what you grab off the menu here, it will be prepared with that Island zest that draws so many into their flavorful delights.

    So Much to Experience Around the Stamford CT Apartments

    The thriving food truck scene around Stamford should come as no surprise, especially if you’ve called the area home for a while now. If it does, though, perhaps it’s time to check out fine communities like The Waypointe, and learn just what it is that makes so many want to experience the luxury of the sophisticated Connecticut lifestyle. This is where “the finer things” all come together to give you the best. See for yourself, then learn more about how you can make the beautiful Waypointe your new Connecticut home.