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    Thanksgiving Dinner Games

    November 19, 2018

    grandma serving the turkey to her happy family of 5 on thanksgiving -  waypointe apts

    Here’s the scenario: you’re hosting a lovely Thanksgiving dinner in the Norwalk apartments for rent. Things are going reasonably well, but there’s something missing. A bit of flair — something the break up the monotony of endless family conversations and huddling around the big screen watching football. Could it be that your get together might benefit from some fun, Thanksgiving dinner games?

    Believe it or not, there’s plenty of fun to be had on Thanksgiving that has nothing to do with the pigskin. A whole gang of Thanksgiving family games will entertain the adults and children when you need a break from the ho-hum Thanksgiving rigamarole. To get you started, we’ve decided to list a few favorites, along with the materials you’ll need to pull off these popular turkey-time activities.

    The Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

    No matter how many people you have over for Thanksgiving, there’s usually enough room for some kind of scavenger hunt. You can make this one full-on kid friendly by incorporating fun knick-knacks, or add a bit of adult flair (if suitable) by including a helping of adult-oriented gifts (and age appropriate clues to boot).

    You’ll need your prizes, of course, and you’ll also need to figure out some good places to hide those treats. Try to avoid all the most obvious locations, and be sure to make your guests work for it if they want to come out on top. You’ll also have to put in plenty of effort in devising your clues. Be inventive, without being so confounding your guests won’t be able to solve the riddles. For that extra touch, make sure you incorporate some well-designed clue cards as well that will help sell the entire premise!

    Pin the Feather on the Turkey

    We all know how to pin the tail on the donkey. This time, it’s the turkey’s turn to get nailed. Instead of a tail this time, however, you’ll be using a felt (or construction paper) feather, and attempt to place this among the cardboard cutout turkey’s impressive plumage. If you want to go all out, try making multiple, multicolor feathers and see who can get the most in the right positions.

    Now, you’ll need a blindfold for this game, of course, and you’ll also need pushpins to stick into that turkey. If you’re concerned about sharp objects, however, and want to keep this activity as safe as possible, you can substitute the pins for a bit of tape and achieve a reasonably similar result. This game will provide a fair amount of pre-Thanksgiving dinner fun too, if you decide to dress that cardboard turkey to the nines with your kids.

    Fast-Paced Turkey Tag

    It’s like regular tag, but with a Thanksgiving makeover. Instead of just touching the shirts of would-be victims of the “tagged” boy or girl, players will only be eliminated if the one giving chase can secure the cleverly-decorated Thanksgiving clothespin from their garments. The material investment on this game is low, and like with Pin the Tail on the Turkey, you can have loads of fun by crafting a whole bunch of interesting-looking clothespins a few days in advance.

    The Family-Friendly Turkey Waddle

    If you want to get the whole family involved on the action, why not a relay race with a bit of Thanksgiving flair? That’s what the Turkey Waddle is all about, and instead of handing off batons from one family member to the next, you’ll be attempting to race to the finish line with an inflated balloon in tow. Stick that balloon between your legs, waddle as fast as possible, and hand it off to the next family member for them to repeat. First across the finish line is the victor. This is a great post-meal/pre-dessert activity if you want to burn off a few of those calories you just packed on!

    Turkey-Time Trivia

    Trivia is a fun and inclusive activity for almost any occasion, and Thanksgiving is no exception. You can pick just about any topic you like to be the theme for your Turkey-Time Trivia, and even include some prizes for the winning teams to claim as their own. Be sure to mix at least a few Thanksgiving history questions into the mix for good measure, though, to keep things in the spirit of the holidays!

    Thanksgiving-Themed Mad Libs

    Just like trivia, Mad Libs can make an appearance at almost any family event or game night. This time, add that touch of Thanksgiving to breathe some new life into this old favorite, though. You can pull this one off easy with some premade printables, or devise some of your own Thanksgiving-style Mad Libs prompts to get the whole family in on the fun and festivity. Do remember to keep it PG for the kids, and remember, it’s all about having a great time.

    The Powerful Pumpkin Roll

    Few Thanksgiving activities are more fun or as simple to enjoy as the pumpkin roll. Set up the starting and finish lines, then see who can roll those pumpkins the fastest to the end. It might seem an easy task, but keep in mind the fact that pumpkins rarely roll in a straight line. You’ll have to have some expert control to keep those gourds moving where you want them, so take your positions and see who the true pumpkin master is!

    The Norwalk Apartments for Rent Will Be Brimming With Extra Excitement

    If you decide to partake in any fun family Thanksgiving dinner games, you’ll be doing your part to ratchet up the community’s overall level of excitement. It’ll be an extra bit of fun that’ll do everybody a bit of good, and the perfect complement to the fabulous setting of places like The Waypointe. Crafted for comfort, these perfectly-designed living spaces like these could benefit from some more merriment, and you’ll be just the one to supply come Thanksgiving day. If you aren’t already calling these stunning apartments home, be sure to check out everything The Waypointe has to offer and see how you can make this our new home by the water.