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    Stay Fit in the Fall

    October 23, 2014

    Stay Fit in the Fall

    The beginning of fall can make it tough to stay motivated to keep up on your fitness routine. It's easy in the summer, when the weather makes you want to be outside, running, swimming, playing in the sun, and more--but fall can be a different story! Between the holidays centered on a big and bountiful dinner spread and chilly weather outside, keeping cozy by the fire can often seem like a much better choice than pumping iron. But there are a lot of ways to stay fit in the fall!

    Take advantage of the weather!

    The cool weather makes some fitness activities even more enjoyable, but especially hiking! Trudging up a mountainside when it is a hundred and ten degrees outside is hard work--really hard work--but when the air is crisp and cool going on a long, brisk, and even strenuous hike is refreshing and not totally exhausting.

    Another outdoor option for fall fitness is the beach. Not only do the cool temperatures thin out the crowds but bundling up in layers and going on a nice jog by the ocean is great exercise and a great view.

    Start a new indoor workout routine

    The chilly weather sometimes brings along a general sluggishness. The crisp air rolls in and so does the feeling that you might rather relax with some cider and a good movie instead of work up a sweat. There are a lot of great ways to stay motivated in your fitness all you have to do is be like the fall foliage: change it up a little! Adding new elements to your routine or starting a new one is a fantastic way to reinvigorate your workout. And you're lucky, at The Waypointe you have a state-of-the-art fitness center right outside your door.

    Don't let the let the fall put your fitness into a funk! From outdoor hikes to The Waypointe's fully-stocked fitness center, there are a ton of great options for staying fit in fall.

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