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    Stamford Summer Resto Weeks

    August 9, 2019

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    Summer time makes for great events around the apartments for rent in Norwalk, and that’s perfectly exemplified by the upcoming Restaurant Weeks that will be taking place over in nearby Stamford. You know how a restaurant week works — the finest eateries in town will be offering up special menus for lunch and dinner, and you, the hungry guest, will get to visit these establishments and take advantage of those amazing meal deals. There are quite a few on the list for this upcoming Stamford installment, and today, we’re going to be diving into the details on when the Restaurant Weeks will be taking place and where you can go to join in on some outstanding food and equally fine company.

    Breaking Down Summer Restaurant Weeks 2019

    This year, Summer Restaurant Weeks in Stamford will be taking place between August 19th and September 1st. That’ll give you nearly 14 days to get in on the action and try out one of those special menus. Speaking of which, restaurants for this installment are being categorized by their price points: the $14.19 Lunch/$28.19 Dinner crowd, and the $22.19 Lunch/$38.19 Dinner bunch. Here’s how they break down:

    $14.19 Lunch/$28.19 Dinner Restaurants

    • Acuario Restaurant – 78 W. Park Place
    • Barcelona Restaurant & Wine Bar – 222 Summer St.
    • Cask Republic – 191 Summer St.
    • Cilantro Restaurant – 60 Atlantic St.
    • Flinders Lane Kitchen & Bar – 184 Summer St.
    • Kouzina Greek Taverna – 223 Main St.
    • Quattro Pazzi – 269 Bedford St.

    $22.19 Lunch/$38.19 Dinner Restaurants

    • Bar Rosso – 30 Spring St.
    • Bedford Hall Craft Kitchen & Bar – 135 Bedford St.
    • Blackstones Steakhouse – 101 Broad St.
    • The Capital Grille – 230 Tresser Blvd.
    • Columbus Park Trattoria – 205 Main St.
    • FISH Restaurant + Bar – 245 Bedford St.
    • Gaucho Steakhouse – 78 W. Park Pl.
    • Hudson Social – 128 Bedford St.
    • Kashi Sushi Lounge – 131 Summer St.
    • Villa Italia Ristorante & Bar – 26 Mill River St.

    Now, the menus for each and every restaurant haven’t been revealed yet, but there are a few establishments whose menus we can peek at, so let’s take a closer look, shall we?

    Barcelona Restaurant & Wine Bar

    Head over to lovely Summer Street and you’ll find the famed Barcelona Restaurant & Wine Bar, a cozy, urban establishment well-known for their authentic Spanish cuisine. Outlets like Zagat note that this spot is a well-trafficked by groups of female compatriots and couples out on dates, and adjectives often used to describe the restaurant include “festive,” “atmospheric,” “original,” and “friendly.”

    Indeed, the wait staff here is talented, and always ready to help you out with your order and ensure you have the best experience possible. The only drawback most would point out here is that it’s easy to spend a bit more than expected, but that’ll be a moot point during restaurant week, as you can see exactly what you’re getting for your prix fixe prices.

    The charcuterie and cheeses will surely be delightful, but make sure you leave some room for the main event here — the tapas. Flavors are plentiful, but some favorites include the Crispy Calamari, Duroc Pork, Albondigas, and Beef Empanadas. You’re certain to get your fill.

    Kouzina Greek Taverna

    Kouzina is located right on Main Street, and is in the former location of Bobby V’s Sports Gallery Cafe. Kouzina, you’ll note, comes from the Greek word for “kitchen,” and a perfect fit for this casual-dining experience that tries to replicate the feeling of the Greek taverna.

    Since they’re experts at serving up Mediterranean-style favorites here, you’ll be seeing plenty of them on their Restaurants Week menu, including Spanakopita, Tyropita, Kalamakia, Mousaka, and entrees like Beef Souvlaki and Solomon Ladoregano.

    In reviewing the establishment, most note that the setting is chic and welcoming, which is the perfect complement to a lunch or dinner meal. What’s more, the taverna “brings it” with friendly and communicative service, coupled with all the delicious food. Perhaps your only challenge here will be finding a place to park. It gets busy quick, and spaces on the street are often limited.

    Bar Rosso

    Bar Rosso on Spring Street has a reputation for upscale Italian eats served in a contemporarily-designed space. When the spot was still under construction back in 2011, there was a fair amount of hubbub and anticipation about what it would offer, as seen in CT Bites:

    “CTBites had an exclusive sneak peek into their pre-opening plans, interior renovation, and the much anticipated working menu of the inventive interpretation of traditional Italian fare that will become Bar Rosso. When we walked into the space this week, the noise was deafening and the construction had transformed the low ceilinged Bennett’s into a two-story, open-spaced visual extravaganza.”

    Now, years on, Bar Rosso is a respected highlight of the Connecticut dining scene, woven into the fabric of Stamford and nearby Norwalk. There are two levels to this establishment (adding to the high-class mystique), and a spot on the mezzanine is sure to enhance your meal even more. Speaking of which, the Restaurants Week menu includes plenty of classical favorites, including Caesar Salad, Lobster Bisque, and Ravioli, among others.

    Blackstones Steakhouse

    You want steak? You’ll find it at Blackstones Steakhouse on Broad Street. This is the way steak was supposed to be cooked, with plenty of skill and flavor to boot. On their menu for Restaurants Week, you’ll find plenty of classy dishes, included salmon, filet mignon, burgers, salads, and, of course, some big, juicy pieces of steak. Make sure you’ve got enough room to finish off a plate or more before you head here.

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