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The Waypointe is a premier new destination in downtown Norwalk, convenient to I-95, Route 7, Metro-North, and Amtrak.

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    Stamford Downtown Festival

    October 30, 2019

    people playing trumpets in a marching band

    Who doesn’t love a good parade? The marching bands, floats, big crowds, and lovely decorations go a long way to making the atmosphere super fun and friendly, and if you’re lucky enough to count yourself among the residents of the apartments for rent in Stamford CT, you’ve got quite the parade coming up soon on the calendar. We’re referring, of course, to the Stamford Downtown Parade Spectacular, which will be taking place at noon on Sunday, November 24th.

    It will feature all of what you’d expect from a riveting town parade, including those giant balloon characters, fabulous floats, and big brass marching bands. If you want to head out into town and enjoy this parade the right way, though, you’ll need to heed a few words of advice, though, which we’ll be providing today. Read on, and learn a few tips about maximizing your fun at the upcoming parade.

    Tips For Enjoying The Parade

    First things first, if you have a tendency to get anxious about large gatherings, then you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the parade area and parade route beforehand. That parade anxiety, as it often turns out, stems from a fear of the unknown. Knowledge is power in this case, and if you already feel familiar with where the parade is being held, you’ll be setting yourself up for having a great time when you head there for the real thing.

    Next up, you’ll want to make sure you get plenty of rest the night before the parade. Heading to a parade tired is a surefire way for it to be unenjoyable, so ample sleep is a necessity for having a blast. You’ll want to make sure you prepare by bringing along everything you think you’ll need (in the form of emergency rations, water, cash, etc.) so that you aren’t caught unawares on the day of the parade.

    Make sure you take frequent breaks to replenish your strength if you need to, and if you’ve got the family in tow, you’ll also want to make sure you follow the rules for parading with a group. Remember to stick together, remember to bring all the items that will make your children comfortable (stroller, snacks, entertainment, what have you), and above all else, be patient. Finally, if need be, make sure you have an exit plan so that if an emergency arises, you’re ready to politely excuse yourself from the parade and get your family out of there to take care of business.

    Get There From The Apartments For Rent In Stamford

    Getting to the Stamford Downtown Parade Spectacular will be easy if you call communities like The Waypoint home. In fact, you’ll find that to be the case regarding much of what awaits you in Fairfield County, as these apartments put you in a great position to enjoy it all. Add to that the fact that the neighborhood itself is one that you’ll relish in getting acquainted with, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a great time living on the shores of Connecticut’s most sublime luxury community. Learn more today, and prepare to make your move to The Waypointe once you do!