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    Stamford’s Downtown ARTWALK

    May 10, 2019

    woman looking at street art

    Painting, photography, sculpture, and more will be coming to neighborhood of the Stamford apartments for rent this June, by way of the ARTWALK in Stamford Downtown, now in its 7th year:

    “Created by Stamford Downtown, a phenomenal experience awaits ARTWALK patrons. The evening will feature 100+ painters, photographers, sculptors, and multi-media artists, all reflecting a diverse selection of mediums, styles, and trends in the Contemporary Art World.”

    Ready to experience art, and Downtown Stamford, in a manner you’ve not before seen? Join us, as we fill you in on the upcoming ARTWALK and the other wonders that await in Downtown Stamford.

    What ARTWALK in Stamford Downtown Is All About

    The ARTWALK is a free event where residents from in and around Stamford can hit the streets, wander Stamford’s Downtown, and take in a plethora of great art, music, and activities — for free. Most of the artwork on display you’ll have to purchase, true, but to just come on down and enjoy the atmosphere, it won’t cost you a penny and you’ll gain quite a bit of value for the experience. The full schedule and list of participants hasn’t been finalized as of yet, but to get an idea of what’s in store, you need only take a glimpse of years past, when the ARTWALK has been nothing but a success for the city. According to Stamford Downtown President, Sandy Goldstein:

    “It’s a beautiful event. It’s a feelgood event, where people can get outdoors, walk around downtown, socialize and experience art. Plus, we have all the sculptures set up around town for the summer art series that people can enjoy.”

    During last year’s ARTWALK, some seven galleries in downtown got in on the action, including the Loft Artists Association, Franklin Street Works, and the Stamford Art Association. Though not officially confirmed for this year, yet, there’s a strong possibility these establishments will be back for another round in 2019. With that in mind, we’ll be taking a look at these prominent organizations in anticipation for their involvement in this year’s edition of ARTWALK in Stamford Downtown.

    First up, the Loft Artists Association. This group started all the way back in 1978, as the product of three artists of the time: sculptor James Jackson Burt, painter Sophia Gevas and folk art curator Dan Prince. Together, they transformed the former Yale and Towne Lock Factory building into a live-in artist space, where like-minded artists could form mutually beneficial relationships and hone their crafts.

    Over the years, they’ve opened their doors to hundreds of artists who have gained valuable knowledge on the art world through their association with LAA, and in returned have helped inject Stamford with a dose of creative genius by practicing their trades. Today, they inhabit a building on Pacific Street, home to fourteen studios and two exhibition spaces for artists to showcase their work.

    Franklin Street Works, as you may have guessed, is located on Franklin Street, and serves as both an art exhibition space and community gathering hotspot for the city. In addition to fostering an appreciation for the arts among residents of Stamford, the organization is dedicated to providing all manner of educational programs to deepen Stamford’s understanding of the arts and help drive dialogue around various works.

    Throughout their storied history, FSW has “exhibited the work of more than 350 artists, curated 30 original exhibitions, and organized approximately 130 programs, including talks, tours, and performances.” They’ve always got new and notable art in their collection, and the ARTWALK will be a perfect opportunity to see some of it up close.

    Lastly, we have the Stamford Art Association, also located on Franklin Street, and also dedicated to helping artists display their works. They’ve been doing so since 1971, when they first got their start. They hold a number of shows throughout the year, including an international showing and a High School student exhibit for residents of Fairfield County.

    Hopefully these organizations will be back in rare form for ARTWALK, hosting more great work and serving as spaces to take in the creativity of Stamford’s finest (and perhaps even purchase something for yourself).

    More on Stamford’s Downtown

    Downtown Stamford, like any locus of city activity should be, is bustling with plenty to see and do when you visit. In addition to all the great art you’ll experience during ARTWALK, the area has more than its fair share of shops, restaurants, and more. If you’re thinking about getting a headstart on your exploration of this buzzing city center, you might want to stay abreast of the event calendar, and catch one of the fine happenings that will be going down in advance of ARTWALK.

    Experience Stamford Downtown, for instance, is one of the newest events in Stamford, coming up in May. It’ll be a prime opportunity to acquaint yourself with some of the establishments in the downtown area and get a lay of the land, so to speak. Alternatively, you might want to head to something like Make Music Day, a free celebration of music where the streets of Stamford will be transformed into a veritable performance zone, with musicians of multiple genres and age groups will be showing off their talents. Or, you could just wing it. Downtown Stamford is easy to get around, and you’ll not walk for long before you find something fun to do!

    The Stamford Apartments for Rent Offer Even More to Enjoy

    The ARTWALK, along with all the other great happenings coming to Downtown Stamford, will be a great time for sure. The best way to ensure you can catch them all is to make sure you’re near the action, and few places can put you closer, with the luxuries and conveniences of modern apartment living, than The Waypointe. Situated on the lovely Connecticut shores, it’s just a short trip to Stamford’s Downtown, or just about any other area hotspot you might want to visit. You might just say it’s the perfect location, and you can learn more about making one of these apartments your home when you drop us a line. Be sure to reach out soon, we’re ready to welcome you to the neighborhood!