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    St. Patrick's Day Parade 2019

    February 28, 2019

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    Here's something you should know if you're going to be living at the apartments in Stamford, CT — this is a town that knows how to do St. Patrick's Day right. Bar crawls, block parties, and celebrations will be kicking off all across the city, but none can outshine the majesty of this year's parade:

    "It is the largest St. Patrick's Day parade in Fairfield County, and this year's parade will consist of nearly 80 separate organizations, including approximately 2,000 marchers—from bag pipers to Irish dancers and from fire and police groups to school youth and sports organizations."

    This will be the 24th iteration of the annual event, and when it kicks off (at noon on March 2nd), organizers expect some 20,000 people be out and about in Stamford. Will you be one of them? If so, keep reading, because today, we're covering all the details you'll need in advance of the 24th Annual Stamford St. Patrick's Day Parade and the Grand Marshal's Dinner as well.

    What's This About Dinner?

    The evening before the St. Patrick's Day Parade, at the Stamford Sheraton Hotel, there will be a Grand Marshal's dinner, in honor of Polly O'Brien Morrow (the Grand Marshal for this year's parade). Now, if you're wondering what the buzz is about, you'll definitely want to read up on Polly's bio, but we'll distill some of the best bits for you here.

    Polly was born and raised in Stamford (the Shippan neighborhood, to be specific). While she's adopted, and her birth families hail from Norway and Germany, she embraces her adopted Irish heritage and takes her role as being leader within the community seriously. Her history as a dedicated volunteer, helping Southern Connecticut grow in all the right ways, is well-known and Polly has received numerous accolades for her work. It's little wonder that she'd be selected as Grand Marshal, and the dinner on March 1st is the perfect way to show appreciation for her efforts:

    "The Grand Marshal's dinner, a highlight of the spring social season, is traditionally attended by The Governor, Senators and Congressmen of Connecticut and the Mayor. The event, attended by over 250 people is also the major fundraiser of the Stamford St. Patrick's Day parade."

    Speaking of which, you can buy tickets for the event here. Tickets are $125.00 (for the early bird price) and $150.00 if purchased after February 23rd. Again, the dinner will be at the Sheraton Stamford (700 East Main Street), and will feature (in addition to great food), a lovely selection of beer, wine, and cocktails, energetic live music (of the traditional Irish variety), and dancing aplenty, also Irish in nature. It'll be a great way to get in the spirit before the parade, which will be taking place the following day.

    2019 Parade Details

    This year, the Stamford St. Patrick's Day Parade will start on Hoyt Street, heading past both North and Broad Streets before diverting to Main Street, turning onto Bedford Street, and finishing at the intersection of Bedford and North Streets. During the parade, you can expect the usual spectacles — marching participants, colorful outfits, live music, and plenty of dancing to go around. There will be a step-off at 12:00PM, which means the best of the best will be out strutting their stuff and showing off their dance moves for the crowds. This is the part of the parade you can't miss, so be sure to show up on time to catch a glimpse of this display in its entirety.

    After the parade is finished, there will be plenty of post-show celebrations going on at neighborhood establishments in the area, like Tiernan's Bar on Main Street, and Tigin Irish Pub on Bedford. The latter, you'll note, hold the distinction for throwing one of the most raucous Parade Day parties of all time, and both of the establishments we mentioned have reputations for electrifying live music, so you'll be plenty entertained no matter where you end up going to celebrate. What's more, there are plenty of other spots around this part of Stamford that you can head to to keep the energy high after the parade, including:

    • Hudson Grill (Bedford Street)
    • Bradford's Grill (Bedford Street)
    • Brother Jimmy's (Bedford Street)
    • The Brick House Bar & Grill (Bedford Street)
    • Murphy's Townhouse (Franklin Street)

    To stay current on all the news surrounding the Stamford St. Patrick's Day Parade and to stay abreast on any changes and developments to the parade itself, be sure to follow their Facebook Page closely, as they update it frequently with new information.

    Why's the Parade Such a Big Deal?

    In case you weren't aware, Stamford has a deep history of Irish immigration, detailed in part in A Brief History of the Irish in Stamford. The Irish were one of the first immigrant groups in Stamford, and help expand the city and add to its industrialized workforce. At one point, in 1870, some 28% of the adult male population in Stamford was born in Ireland. Many of the neighborhoods and communities that sprang up in Stamford were due to the need to house greater number of immigrants. While they experienced trials (and even discrimination) Irish immigrants played a significant role in the evolution of this town, so it makes perfect sense that parade honoring Irish traditions would be a big deal!

    Here's to a Happy St. Patrick's Day at the Apartments in Stamford, CT

    St. Patrick's Day will be a blast, whether you decide to head to the parade, one of the bar crawls, a massive party, or any other amazing festivity happening in Stamford on March 2nd. Your Paddy's Day experience will be all the more amazing, though, when you've got a great community to come home to; on that front, few places in Connecticut can come close to The Waypointe. Here, among the wonders of the waterfront, you'll find comfort and luxury in a sophisticated package — something you'll have to see to believe. Check it out, and make The Waypointe your destination for a Norwalk living experience like no other.