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    Skin Care Tips For Summer

    July 8, 2019

    woman applying moisturizer on her face

    Everyone has their favorite season, but there’s no denying how wonderful summer can be. As you enjoy the season with parks and pools around the Stamford apartments, it’s important to remember that the sun is rarely your skin’s best friend.
    Sure, that giant yellow fireball is the best way to secure a gorgeous tan. However, its ultra-violet rays are more damaging than they are helpful. If you want to look your best while shielding yourself from the sun, then check out these ultimate summer skin care tips.

    1. Exfoliation = Clear, Smooth Skin

    Exfoliating is essential all year-round, but now is the time to reap its full benefits. This vital aspect to skin care should be your step-one to any care routine in the summer. It removes your dead, dulling skin cells and debris to prevent congestion of your pores. More importantly, it improves the hydrating effect of your toners and moisturizers.

    Apply some exfoliate in the morning before your toner, moisturizer, and makeup. That goes for sunscreen, as well. Your makeup will last longer on top of an exfoliator, too. Just make sure to apply something with SPF last to protect your freshly revealed skin.

    2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

    Hydration is the name of the skincare game in summer. Okay, hydration is essential throughout the year, but the sun can really dry out your skin. Everyone knows that too much exposure to UV rays without proper moisturization leads to a leathery, wrinkled effect.

    Up your regimen with intensive masks twice a week, layering moisturizers with boosters, and evening out your porosity with a toner. Throughout the day, you’ll want to use a toner spritz to revitalize your skin’s moisture content. Just remember that more moisturizer means a higher chance of sunburn. So, double-down on that SPF.

    3. Just Drink Water

    Speaking of hydration, products aren’t the only place your skin draws moisture from. Internal dehydration leads to plenty of things from headaches to dizzy spells, but it also leaves your skin screaming for H20.

    Adding extra water (roughly eight 8-ounce glasses a day) will give your body the hydration it desperately needs in the summer. Even better, it acts as a detoxifier. That’s a vital aid when combatting the effects of sweat on your skin. Keep in mind that drinking caffeinated beverages regularly means you need up your water intake by almost triple the normal amount.

    4. The Reapplication

    t not be something you think about off the bat, but you know that sunscreen needs to be reapplied every so often. If not, you risk damaging sunburn and regular wear from UV rays. Studies indicate two things: That no one wears enough sunscreen and that you should reapply your SPF protector every two hours.

    A teaspoon for your face works wonders, while the equivalent of a shot glass works for the rest of your body. Make sure to choose something that works with your skin type, too. Today’s products offer everything from oil-free to extra emollients and mattifying formulas. That includes formulas for sensitive and reactive skin-types, as well.

    5. Relief for the Over-Exposed

    If you do find your skin suffering from a lack of SPF protection, don’t panic. The damage might be done but you don’t have let your skin suffer. Use a combination of soothing botanicals and cooling gels to decrease redness, inflammation, and prevent unsightly peeling.

    Don’t be afraid to get generous here, either. Apply those cooling balms on your over-exposed skin at the first sign of a pink glow and apply a ton. Remember that one sunburn doubles your risk of melanoma. So, perform a self-examination once a month and set up a skin exam at least once a year. Here’s how to self-examine your skin.

    6. Repairing and Treating Sun Damage

    Whether you burn or not, ultra-violet light causes a process known as photoaging that leaves behind brown spots, coarse skin, and wrinkles. As the sun touches your skin, it creates a series of damages from stripping your barrier lipids to the creation of reactive oxygen molecules that hinder healthy cell growth.

    Science says that once the damage is done, there’s no coming back from it. That’s a shame, but it doesn’t mean you can’t repair some of the side-effects. Instead of accepting your fate and letting the sun age you as it sees fit, bombard your skin with as many age-fighting ingredients as possible.

    There’s no way to stop the aging process, but these products will help slow down the effects and keep the sun from speeding them up. Keep in mind that your results will vary based on biological factors and your exposure to the sun over the years, though. While it might be an uphill battle, it’s one you can fight with confidence.

    Stamford Apartments

    Located in Connecticut’s premier waterfront destination, The Waypointe offers ample opportunity for fun in the sun this summer. These apartment-style homes redefine luxury living through contemporary designs blended expertly with the elements of Connecticut’s timeless sophistication as you live, dine, and shop in Norwalk.

    Each home within the Waypointe contains the finest in modern finishes from luxe bathrooms to spacious closets. Quartz countertops and kitchen islands are accentuated by wood-style flooring and abundant natural lighting. Cathedral ceilings, stainless steel appliances, and full-size washers and dryers create an envious appeal. Each home is pet-friendly with on-site storage, as well.

    Inside The Waypointe community, you’ll find a curated selection of luxurious amenities designed with you in mind. Stay active in the fitness, cardio, and strength center studios alongside group fitness classes. Allow concierge services to handle the day’s minute details as you kick back by the heated saltwater pool with sundeck, mingle in the fire pit and grilling areas, or entertain guests in the clubroom and its fireplace. From the game room to the cinema lounge, there’s something here for everyone.

    Welcome to a destination like no other. Welcome to The Waypointe. Enjoy the finer things in life like never before.