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    Sandwiches Norwalk Restaurants

    December 29, 2015

    Norwalk Sandwiches from  Restaurants - The Waypointe Apts

    In light of recent debates about hot dogs being classified as sandwiches, we figured we’d weigh in.
    Based on our extensive research, we’ve come to the conclusion that a pita sandwich is a sandwich. A burger is a sandwich. As for hot dogs? Well...we’re not exactly on board with calling that a sandwich. It just doesn’t feel right. Now that that debate’s over, let’s get onto the good stuff.

    Whatever you call the delicious combination of bread, meat, cheese, and (maybe) vegetables, there are few lunches that compare to this simple standby. The next time you’re out holiday shopping in Norwalk and need some fuel, stop by one of these Norwalk Restaurants for one of the best sandwiches you’ve ever tasted.

    The Caribbean Crab Sandwich at Sedona Taphouse (in the Waypointe District!)

    Sedona Taphouse

    (515 West Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06850)

    We’ve talked about the reasons to go to Sedona Taphouse ASAP. If you haven’t, it’s time to make it a priority! Maybe it’s the fact that they’re right downstairs from our luxury apartments at The Waypointe—and maybe it’s just because they have the right foods for the hungriest people.

    Anyway, order up their Caribbean Crab Sandwich and prepare to be transported to the island of perfectly-made fresh crab cakes, topped with just the right amount of greens, tomato, and tangy pineapple mango salsa on a toasted artisan roll.

    The Traditional Cheesesteak at Blue Cactus Grill

    Blue Cactus Grill

    (51 Stevens Street, Norwalk, CT 06850)

    We can’t say that Blue Cactus Grill didn’t warn us about the addictive nature of their food. They state that warning quite clearly on the front page of their website! Anyway, there are worse things than being addicted to the delicious sandwiches here—particularly their Traditional Cheesesteak Sandwich, composed of thinly-sliced seasoned fresh top round cooked to order with your choice of American, Provolone or “Whiz.” Don’t forget the onions and peppers.

    The Spread Sandwich at Jax & Co.

    Jax & Co.

    (46 N Main Street, Norwalk, CT 06854)

    This little country kitchen had our heart from the moment it arrived on the Norwalk restaurant scene. Everything here is delicious, inventive, and fresh, but we’re suckers for The Spread Sandwich, a smoked pork belly creation with grilled pineapple, peppery arugula, and honey bbq glaze on a Portuguese roll. Can’t get much better than that, but we still want to try everything.

    The Pastrami Reuben at Jersey Mike’s Subs

    Jersey Mike’s Subs

    (360 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06854)

    Jersey Mike’s is just a great quality sub chain. What really sets them apart? The size of the subs. This is the place to be if you skipped breakfast at work! Almost every selection here is solid, but our top pick is the comforting Pastrami Reuben Sandwich topped with melted cheese, perfect for New York transplants. It will tide you over, at least until your next lunch in NYC.

    The Veggie Burger at The Lime Restaurant

    The Lime Restaurant

    (168 Main St, Norwalk, CT 06851)

    If you typically turn up your nose at veggie substitutes, be prepared to be wowed! The Veggie Burger at Lime Restaurant gets rave reviews on Yelp, and actually won an award in 2013 for concocting the best veggie burger in Connecticut. It’s a cozy space, so consider taking your burger to go—straight home to The Waypointe!

    The Gyro Sandwich at Pontos Taverna

    Pontos Taverna

    (7 Isaac Street, Norwalk, CT 0685O)

    There are few things as delicious as a hot-off-the-grill Gyro, particularly one that’s from Pontos Taverna. Grab a Gyro—any kind of meat will suffice—and wrap it in a pita with Tzatziki, Tomato & Red Onion. These gyros will make you feel like a hero (too cheesy?).

    Now that you know where the yummiest sandwiches in Norwalk live, it’s time to go out and order them! Exploring new restaurants is of the best things about living in our neighborhood.

    Speaking of our neighborhood, are you looking for a luxury apartment in Norwalk that’s close to everything? We’d love to welcome you to The Waypointe. Get in touch with us today!