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    Relax at Cranbury Park

    July 28, 2015

    Norwalk Cranbury Park - The Waypointe Apts

    Think every park’s the same? Think again.

    Cranbury Park is a historic site you can’t miss if you live in Norwalk. Spend this Saturday soaking up the sun, getting active, or exploring the grounds at Cranbury Park. Not only will you find yourself refreshed, but you’ll know so much more about this beautiful corner of Connecticut we call home. Now, for an experience you won’t find anywhere but here.
    Wear light clothing, a hat, and comfortable shoes--there are nearly 227 acres of land to explore here. We may not get through all of it today, but don’t worry-you only live 10 minutes away (see driving directions from The Waypointe to Cranbury Park).

    As you drive through the narrow roads leading into the park,

    notice the gorgeous thick foliage all around you. roll down the windows and take a huge whiff of the fresh green air.

    Let’s start our day at the heart of the park, at the [Gallaher Estate]( “Gallaher Mansion Website”).

    Once you park, walk down the path to the mansion (follow signs).This stately three-story fieldstone mansion was designed and constructed by 1931, and is surrounded by gardens and statues. Inside, you’ll find shockingly forward-thinking contraptions like an elevator, intercom, call buttons, and an incinerator. Marvel at stained glass and beautiful details throughout. The first owner, Edward Beach Gallaher, was an Industrialist and inventive man, and this home combines medieval architectural features with (what were modern) conveniences in a glorious way. He really outdid himself!

    Once you’ve had your fill of the home and gardens, it’s time to wander through the expansive lawn and wooded paths.** Soak up the warm sunshine (assuming you’re blessed with a sunny summer day), and follow one of two easy-to-follow paths that leads through the woods. On the way, you will likely run into some ambitious Disc Golf players. Next time, if you’re feeling adventurous, invite friends or family to join you in a casual game of Disc Golf and a picnic.

    Northeast of the estate, you’ll find the Carriage House Arts Center,

    an intimate performing arts venue that was once--you guessed it--a carriage house. Upcoming performances include everything from stand-up comedy to Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike (September 11 - 19, 2015). Return for a night of entertainment in Fairfield County you won’t forget.
    After you’ve gotten your fill of sunshine, fresh air, and interesting sights, it’s time to head back to your comfortable luxury apartment in Norwalk.


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    Image: Flickr via WalkingGeek