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    Prepping Your Home For Winter

    November 15, 2017

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    Winter isn’t just coming, it’s pretty much here. With those falling temperatures, it’s essential to get yourself prepared for the most frigid time of year, especially in the northeast (as residents of places like the Stamford CT apartments will surely tell you). What all does that entail? There will be a measure of home prep necessary, along with some behavioral modifications you might want to make to see that you make it through the winter without incident. There are plenty of strategies to employ, steps to take, and intricacies to stay abreast of, and we figured we’d lay a few of them out for you so that you’ll know how to keep your luxurious and comfortable apartment lifestyle going as the temperatures keep falling.

    Getting Your Apartment Ready For The Cold

    The primary goal in winter prep is making sure you survive the cold. Now, you might think, “I’m indoors, and I’ve got heat. What’s the issue?” While true, part of staying warm the right way means using your thermostat judiciously. Some renters indulge in the habit of cranking it up all the way when they are home, then letting the temperature drop to freezing while they are away, and repeating the cycle once they are home again. This, obviously, is not the best way to maintain your indoor temperatures.

    Instead, try leaving the thermostat at a respectable 66-74 degrees, then putting on a sweater or blanket if you get too cold for a moment. It will help save on heating expenses, as it takes more to heat that freezing room up to the temperature that you want than to keep a steady temperature throughout the season. Alternatively, you could keep your thermostat even lower, but use an energy efficient space heater if it’s just one area of your apartment that gets particularly chilly.

    Just be sure to observe all of the necessary safety precautions while you’re engaging such devices. Home fires are more prevalent during the winter, so you’ll want to play it smart. While we’re on the topic of “playing it smart,” you should also take some precautions if you plan on taking a winter-time excursion that will have you out of the house for an extended period of time. This means, in addition to locking up, unplugging all those electronic devices and shutting off water valves to certain appliances to avoid a mishap.

    Back on the topic of staying warm, it’s more than likely that your apartment has windows. Did you know that this is one of the primary ways in which you’re losing heat during the winter? Stand next to a window when it’s cold outdoors and feel just how much energy is being sucked from your body to get an idea of what you’re losing every second. How can you counteract this huge drain on your heat? By covering up your windows. As Odyssey notes in their examination of the topic:

    “One way to prevent this is to cover windows with a plastic film and/or bubble wrap. Bubble wrap can be cut to the size of the glass pane and attached by spraying water on the glass to go between the glass and the wrap. This works well as a first layer of defense, as bubble wrap is thick and has multiple layers.”

    Which leads into another topic. Windows aren’t the only way you’re losing heat. Cracks in your home, like those under the doorways, are letting heat leak every which way. Since you can’t make any major changes to your apartment space, you can invest in some minor bits of gear that will help you stem the tide. Foam or fabric can easily fit under a door to close up that gap and keep heat where it belongs -- in your room.

    There are also two subtle but far reaching changes you can make within your apartment that will have a big impact on how warm you’ll be during the winter. The first is swapping out your bedding. It’s not summer anymore. It’s not even fall. You’ll need to break out the big comforter and cozy wool blankets to ensure you’re staying warm while you sleep. You should also consider donning some of your winter wardrobe indoors. Sweaters, sweatshirts, long-johns. Whatever you need to keep from freezing, break it out and keep it within arms reach when those temperatures start to fall.

    Since disaster can (and does) strike during the winter months, you should have a plan on what to do should an unexpected scenario occurs. We mentioned residential fires earlier. If one breaks out, you should have a well-rehearsed escape plan that will get you and your family to safety. Drill it periodically to make sure it’s fresh in your mind, and maybe even consider keeping maps and diagrams of what to do on the refrigerator as a constant reminder. Know where to go after an emergency, and who to call in case something goes wrong.

    The winter is also a time for those seasonal diseases to rear their ugly heads. The cold and flu in particular love to crop up around this time of year, so exercise some caution around the home. If you know people are sick, don’t let them in to spread their germs (though, honestly, they should be voluntarily keeping themselves on quarantine). If you have children, make sure they’re washing their hands, and you’re wiping down surfaces to ensure that they are clean. Get your exercise, take your vitamins, sleep, and do everything else in your power to give your body and immune system an advantage this winter.

    Finally, remember that not all the parts of winter prep have to be strenuous and serious. There’s something you can do right now that will bring a smile to your face. Just brew a cup of tea or warm chocolate, sit down, kick back, and enjoy. It’ll make you feel warm, and the respite will give you the strength to keep planning for a wonderful winter.

    It’s Warm In Stamford CT Apartments

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