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    Organizing Your Bathroom

    February 17, 2015

    Organized bathroom counter

    Your bathroom at The Waypointe is gleaming, gorgeous, and organized, right?

    If it doesn’t quite fit those three words, it’s time to get organized. It might seem difficult to figure out where everything should go, but here are some easy hacks to make your bathroom look as beautiful as the day you moved in. Random bobby pins and toothpaste stains, be gone! Here are our tips for organizing your bathroom:

    Utilize under-the-counter space

    - Don’t just let the space under your sink become a catch-all for the random items you want out of sight. Not only is it a waste of space, but it’s incredibly hard to find what you need in a hurry. Instead, utilize bins (labeled/clear if possible) to make it easy to put away and find what you need. Try stacking them to maximize vertical space.

    Look for hanging organization pockets

    - these are highly underrated. If you’re a girl (or someone with a lot of products in general), you’ll find it incredibly easy to access and see everything at eye-level, or close to it. Hang your makeup, hair supplies, q-tips - whatever fits - in the clear pockets, and cut your morning routine in half.

    Create DIY shelves to hold larger items

    - It’s not tough to make your own shelves. Essentially, it’s planks of wood with support underneath. If you’re not a crafty person, there are plenty of shelves you can buy and install with built-in kits - or just build one from crates (see below). Super easy, and a great place to store things like jars of cotton balls, extra large shampoo bottles, and extra toilet paper.

    Don’t waste space with extras

    - Maybe you don’t need that nail polish organizing station. Go through your beauty supplies on a monthly basis, and throw away anything that smells funny, has changed consistency (gloopy mascara, etc.), or you’ve left untouched for far too long. Toss it or give it away if it’s still good. You’d be amazed how much space you can free up when you live like a minimalist!

    Organize the countertop

    - There is nothing like a clean, smooth countertop, free from random bathroom artifacts. Keep your countertop clear of anything but soap, maybe a candle or two for relaxation. If you must, place a tray on the counter to hold items you use every day, like a nice razor and brush.

    Revamp the shower

    - Ahhh, the shower. The final frontier in a clean, organized bathroom. It’s the place where thousands of bottles march along the window frame, onto the tub, and somehow get knocked over consistently. It’s so easy just to close the curtain and pretend nothing’s happening back there, but think about investing in a shower curtain with pockets - and really, just stop purchasing great body washes until you get through the ones you have. We know, it’s hard to resist.

    Bathroom organization doesn’t just happen, as we’re all well aware once we move out of our parents’ homes. But with these tips, it’s definitely doable and yields dividends, especially when you’re in a hurry, and it makes your bathroom at The Waypointe look amazing. If you want to experience life at The Waypointe - complete with gleaming bathrooms - contact us today!

    Image: Saybrook Homes