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    Norwalk Maritime Aquarium

    June 17, 2014

    Aquatic Fun at Norwalk’s Maritime Aquarium

    As the only aquarium dedicated to the study, conservation and appreciation of the wildlife of the Long Island Sound watershed, at the Maritime Aquarium you can get a close look at all the critters that swim, creep and play in your backyard. At only a short drive from The Waypointe, residents can appreciate the enormous diversity of their ocean neighbors easily.


    Sea Turtles

    Two green sea turtles call the Maritime Aquarium their home. Although these turtles were born in Florida, many species of sea turtles call the Long Island Sound their home -- including green, loggerhead and leatherback -- and during the warmer, summer months you might be lucky enough to see one in the wild, but probably never as up close as you can see from the exhibit.

    Harbor Seals

    The most popular aquarium attraction is the harbor seal exhibit. Harbor seals visit Long Island Sound each winter, and you can even catch an in-the-wild glimpse of them from the Maritime Aquarium’s Winter Creature Cruise. Stop by during one of their feeding times to appreciate the natural showmanship of these Maritime pinnipeds.


    The permanent jelly exhibit is the aquarium’s “living lava lamp.” There are several Long Island Sound native species of jellies on display, as well as a temporary interactive Jiggle A Jelly (July through August, weekends only) exhibit where you can touch the tops of moon jellies.

    Interactive Exhibits

    In addition to the temporary Jiggle A Jelly exhibit, there are several other animal interaction exhibits where you’re encouraged to get up close with some of Long Island Sound’s creatures. At the Sharks & Rays Gallery you can gently touch the backs of nurse sharks and a variety of rays.


    Special Exhibits

    The aquarium also offers many temporary, special exhibits throughout the year.


    Okay, so these critters aren’t Long Island Sound natives, but they're still pretty cute.

    Movies and more

    The Maritime Aquarium features the largest IMAX movie theater in Connecticut, as well as concessions offering popcorn, water, soda and candy.

    The Long Island Sound has a diverse and wonderful wildlife and at the Maritime Aquarium you not only get to know what creatures live in your waters, but also help the aquarium in their efforts conserving them. When you live in Norwalk, CT apartments you're perfectly situated to enjoy all of Norwalk's incredible attractions.

    Image: Pixabay