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    Mobile Caterers in Fairfield

    June 30, 2019

    people eating bread and cheese at a party

    Here’s the scenario — you’re throwing a party at the apartments for rent in Stamford CT, and you’re trying to get everything ready so your guests will have a great time. That, in and of itself, can be stress inducing, and once you get down into the details (like trying to cook for everyone in attendance), you can really throw yourself for a loop. On that last point, though, there’s a way to avoid all the headache.

    If you’re in Connecticut, you can just turn to a great mobile catering service to supply the eats so you don’t have to sweat it. What’s more, CT Bites, connecticut’s local guide for all things food, has already put together a rather comprehensive list of the best in the business. Today, we’ll be looking over some of the most prominent options near Fairfield County, giving you ideas on who to turn to for your next soiree.

    Mobile Caterers in Fairfield County

    The list of mobile caterers around Connecticut is long, so today, we’ll hone in on some of those popular options that are close to Fairfield County, and will provide you plenty of bang for your buck. These will cover both food and drink options, and should give you a better idea of what to look for in a quality caterer.

    Lifted Spirits

    Specializing in creating bars on the go, Lifted Spirits Bar & Concierge Service insists you’ll feel like a “guest at your own party.” They’ll bring the alcohol, the bar staff, and of course, will set everything up for you, meaning all you’ll have left to do is kick back and relax. One thing that’s great about this service is the way that they can customize the experience to fit the nature of your event. Naturally, you wouldn’t have the same setup at a corporate affair that you would at a wedding reception, and your fundraiser is likely to be quite different than a friendly get together. Beyond that, they’ve got a pretty expansive variety of cocktails they can create, meaning all in attendance can get a drink they love and you can cross those worries off your list.

    Bodega Taco Bar

    If you’re looking to turn that party into a full-blown fiesta, you’ll want to turn to Bodega Taco Bar. These guys have the lock on the “modern Mexican” experience, and from their stylish Taco Truck, will be whipping up all the delicious guacamole, homemade tacos, and margaritas you could possibly ask for. They’re experts in birthdays, graduations, wedding parties, and more, so if you’ve got an event that calls for a little bit of spice, Bodega Taco Bar will more than likely be able to handle it.


    In addition to a rather clever name, Fryborg is well equipped to handle large groups of hungry people. Everything from Teacher Appreciation Days to big Corporate Events fall under their purview, and they’ll come to the party correctly with a wide range of comfort food to hit the spot. Delicious hot dogs, sumptuous burgers (including veggie options), and, of course, those to-die-for fries are all part and parcel of what they’re serving up, along with sandwich melts, ice cream sodas and more. There’s little chance anyone will complain of leaving the party hungry should you hire these experts.

    Coalhouse Food Truck

    If it’s pizza you crave, the Coalhouse Food Truck can surely deliver. If you’ve ever visited the Coalhouse in Stamford before, you’ll know they’re well-versed in serving up tasty, American-styled favorites. Their food truck is more of the same, with an emphasis on that delicious pizza. That’s not the only thing they offer, of course, as you can get wings, salads, mac & cheese, and plenty of other calorie-packed favorites to hold you and your guests over during your event. It’s hard to go wrong with these guys, and one your event is through, they’ll handle cleanup and be out of your hair as if they had never even been there. What could be easier?

    Tips For Nailing Down Your Mobile Caterer

    As you can see, there are plenty of options for selecting mobile catering services in Fairfield County. Before you make your choice, though, be sure to review some of the best tips for hiring a caterer so you can ensure all goes off without a hitch. You’ll want to have details about your party, like the number of attendees, right on hand so your caterer can plan accordingly and accommodate everyone who comes to your affair.

    You’ll also want to consider your location and how easy it will be for a caterer to get to you. The options we covered are all Fairfield local, so you shouldn’t have any troubles there, but if you do some research and find another option you like, be sure to consider the distance before you make the call.

    When it comes to evaluating potential caterers, you should definitely check out customer reviews, but don’t rely on them exclusively. Do some of your own research and learn about the staff the catering service has, their experience and certifications (especially where alcohol is involved), and what some of their specialties are.

    Lastly, be sure to call them up and get a feel for who you’re dealing with. Sure, you can gain basic information online and over email communications, but few things can reveal more than a direct call, where you can talk in real time and better assess what your prospective caterer is all about.

    Life at the Apartments for Rent in Stamford Has Never Been Easier

    With so many options for catering, it might seem like living in Connecticut has never been easier (and you’d likely be correct in that assumption). What might astound you is the likelihood that the Fairfield County experience is even more comfortable and convenient when you call fine communities like The Waypointe home. Here, at one of the most luxurious and desirable apartments in Norwalk, you’ll be treated to a standard of living quite unlike the standard fare, and one you’ll fall in love with quickly. Drop us a line to learn more about what The Waypointe can offer you, and discover how you can make one of the luxurious apartments your very own.