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The Waypointe is a premier new destination in downtown Norwalk, convenient to I-95, Route 7, Metro-North, and Amtrak.

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    August 14, 2014

    Live in Norwalk: Small Town Charm Near New York City

    Norwalk is a great place to live, and the Waypointe's access to tons of great dining, entertainment, retail, and more make it a paragon in casual city living. There's almost no reason to leave! But still, choosing whether or not to live in the suburbs or NYC can be a challenging choice. Read on to learn more about the benefits of living in Norwalk, commuting to NYC from Norwalk, CT, and more.

    Benefits of Living in Norwalk

    ONE: More Space

    The city is crowded. New York City and it's surrounding areas are some of the most densely populated places in the country, and all these people have to live somewhere. Apartments keep shrinking and the rent keeps rising; landlords are segmenting already small apartments into multiple, smaller units, and the population is just getting denser and denser. When you live in an NYC suburb you can still appreciate the city when you want to and go home to a big apartment where you don't feel like a packed sardine.

    TWO: More Nature

    Green spaces are good for you, and in NYC they're pretty rare. There's of course Central Park and Pelham Bay Park and may other small parks and preserves scattered around the city, but they're often hard to get to. Living in Norwalk, the natural beauty of the Connecticut seaside is all around you all the time.

    THREE: More Affordable

    You will definitely get more bang for your buck in Norwalk. Not only is rent cheaper for more--and by almost sixty percent!--but because of the NYC premium on pretty much everything in the city, your dollars will go much further in Norwalk in almost every way.

    Commuting to NYC

    Many Connecticut residents commuting to NYC are fighting a frustrating uphill battle--the wait list to get a parking spot at the Darien train station is a whole 7 years, for instance. Fortunately, commuting to NYC from Norwalk is a breeze!

    Just head down to the South Norwalk Metro North station and catch a train straight to Grand Central Station. Depending on the time of the day, some of the trains even run express the whole way to Manhattan, making it even easier to get into the city. If you would like to drive, it takes less than an hour to get into the city.

    Between it's dining, entertainment, and easy access to the cultural hub of NYC, living at the Waypoine, [apartments for rent in Norwalk, CT]( "The Waypointe: Apartments in Norwalk), is an easy choice.

    Image: Flickr