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    Hot Choco Spots in CT to Try

    December 28, 2018

    cup of hot chocolate with christmas decor on the table - Norwalk CT apts The Waypointe

    If there’s one thing that residents of the apartments for rent in Stamford, CT know, it’s that the region can get a little chilly from time to time. Particularly in the dead of winter, when the temperatures can dip down to 21°F (or even lower in those brutal years), staying warm is a top priority.

    While a thick winter coat will be your primary layer of defense against the elements, you might also want to supplement with a warm cup of hot chocolate, and for that, there are plenty of places around the area that can hook you up with the best. Let’s take a look at the top options, courtesy of the Stamford Advocate.

    Caffe Social

    Located on North Main Street in Norwalk, Caffe Social is the brainchild of three sisters Elpida, Glika and Ioanna. It’s a relatively recent establishment, having opened in 2017, but they’ve fast established themselves as the place to be for a hip, trendy, and vibrant atmosphere.

    The hot chocolate, naturally, is one of the signature items here, with each blend being fashioned with Ghirardelli drinking chocolate. From Salted Caramel to Oreo White, you’ll delight at the individual flavors, and can enjoy that warm cup solo or paired with one of Caffe Social’s many fine menu options — from breakfast and beyond.

    Kent Coffee & Chocolate

    Head to North Main Street in Kent, and you’ll find the rather appropriately-named Kent Coffee & Chocolate. They specialize in chocolate treats, of which their hot chocolate varieties are but one option.

    Beyond the warm and invigorating drink selection, you’ll be amazed by their vast array of milk and dark specialty chocolates, taking the form of animal and inanimate object shapes, along with the ever popular chocolate barks. They’ve also got chocolate truffles on the menu, a delicacy few can pass up.

    Deborah Ann’s Sweet Shoppe

    Heading now to Main Street in Ridgefield, you can try out good old Deborah Ann’s. The Sweet Shoppe, in their own words, is a “chocolate and candy fantasy store featuring homemade and imported chocolates, bulk candy, homemade ice cream, novelties and a variety of gifts for every age.”

    As far as the hot chocolate goes, they’ve got a firm grasp of the fundamental, classic blend. When it comes to other chocolate treats, they truly shine. The freshly made options are of particularly high-quality, and you may well be tempted to place a bulk order after you sample just a bite or two.

    Rumors Coffeehouse

    You’ll find the Rumors Coffeehouse on Mill Plain Road in Danbury. As the name suggests, they’re quite popular on account of their many varieties of hot coffee, but that doesn’t mean they have no standing in the realm of hot chocolate.

    Being a “European Cafe,” they specialize in that foreign stylings, and you can taste a unique twist when you sample both their coffee and cocoa. Beyond being masters of warm drinks, this spot is also great as a morning hangout, where you can enjoy your food and beverages either indoors or right in the outdoor seating area.

    Modern Pastry Shop

    If you head to Franklin Avenue in Hartford, you’ll come across the humble and unassuming Modern Pastry Shop. It’s modest looks belie the true wonder that this establishment holds, however. First and foremost, it’s a pastry shop, and you’ll find a wide variety of cakes, cookies, pies, cannolis, and more on the menu.

    Beyond the seemingly endless list of sweet treats, however, they can also make a mean hot chocolate that will warm down to your very soul. Pair it with one of the pastries, and you’ve a match made in heaven that’s sure to be the highlight of any cold winter day.

    Le Rouge Handmade Chocolates

    Right over in Westport, on Main Street, is Le Rouge Handmade Chocolates. Self-styled as the pinnacle of delicious dessert, Le Rouge has what you’d expect of a high-quality chocolatier — chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. There’s chocolate bark, chocolate covered fruits, truffles, and even cakes on the menu here.

    What you’re after is their specialty hot chocolate, though, and on that front, there are five prominent options:

    1. Double Dark Hot Chocolate
    2. Hazelnut Dark Chocolate
    3. Raspberry White Hot Chocolate
    4. Matcha Green Tea White Hot Chocolate
    5. Saffron Pistachio White Hot Chocolate

    No matter which you choose, though, you can’t go wrong. They’re all delightful and sure to warm you up on those chilly mornings.

    Vanilla Bean Cafe

    Ah, the Vanilla Bean Cafe. It’s hard to miss this popular establishment as you come down Deerfield Road in Pomfret. It’s even harder not to love their assortment of menu offerings for lunch, dinner, and weekend breakfast. The maple bacon pancakes rank as one of our all-time favorites, and when you combine them with one of their highly-customizable hot chocolate flavors, you’ve a breakfast built for true champions.

    Beyond simply being a great eatery, the Vanilla Bean Cafe is a beautiful place to enjoy a bite. The refurbished, 1800s building gives you a taste of yesteryear, while the interior decor is all about making guest feel warm and comfortable — especially when it’s cold and unforgiving outdoors.

    Molten Java

    Last up is Molten Java. As you may have surmised, this “community centered” coffee joint on Greenwood Avenue in Bethel is famed for their drink menu, which includes many a cup of coffee. Don’t let that dissuade you from their expansive hot chocolate menu, however, which contains a wide range of “volcanic” concoctions. Be sure to grab a cup with a warm breakfast bagel for a perfect start to your day.

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