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    Historic Downtown Norwalk CT

    February 23, 2017

    Historic Downtown Norwalk - The Waypointe Apts

    Enjoying the sights and sounds of historic downtown Norwalk is something that everyone should do at least once in our lives. But for the brave and brilliant souls living in apartments in Norwalk CT, you have the unique pleasure of living and thriving in this beautiful city most affectionately known as SoNo.

    To say that South Norwalk and the historic buildings are beautiful is an understatement. This amazing city thrives and continues to live on, even though it was scheduled for destruction back in the late 1970s.

    If you live in or plan to move to the area and want to know what you should see and do in this amazing city, you’re in luck because we’re about to share valuable information about fine dining, museums, mansions, aquariums and so much more.

    The Norwalk Historical Society

    The Norwalk Historical Society has been around for over 100 years. As a matter of fact, they first incorporated in 1899. The main focus of this society was to preserve, research, and promote interest in Norwalk’s history.

    The society has many programs, lectures, educational activities, and much more. The rich diversity of the region makes this an excellent place to spend time if you are looking for an exciting, historically related activity to do.

    They have many exhibits to enjoy and appreciate. Some favorites include:

    The Fire Land
    Angry Waters: The Norwalk Flood of 1955
    Retribution for the Burning Norwalk
    Norwalk Quilt Trail
    and more
    The historical society also puts on many wonderful events and fun filled activities. Some of the most popular events to take place during the year include:

    Civil War Barbecue and Encampment
    Independence Day Bell Ringing Ceremony
    Norwalk Green Walking Tour
    History of Beer Making and Tasting
    Hunting at Mill Hill
    And that’s not all, because the Historical Society also hosts many lectures in downtown historical Norwalk. Some popular lectures include:

    Battle and Burning of Norwalk in the Revolutionary War
    Discovering 18th-Century Norwalk Black History
    Women’s Work in WWII
    Whether you’ve lived in Norwalk your entire life, or you’re just getting to know the place as a new resident; it’s definitely worth it to spend time at the Historical Society. You will learn all about the history of this amazing city and find out interesting facts that too many people have already forgotten.

    The Maritime Aquarium

    The Maritime aquarium has many amazing nautical exhibits and an expanded open floor plan that makes it easy for visitors to appreciate and enjoy all of the beautiful marine wildlife.

    Feel free to sip cocktails and enjoy delectable meals while spending time soaking up the beautiful sights and sounds of the salty marshes, seahorses, sand sharks, stingrays and so much more.

    Some of the biggest hits are the snapping and box turtles. People also seem to love Lou and Belle, the ever popular North American river otters that tend to frolic along and playfully enjoy each other’s company.

    One of the latest attractions is called the Hokin Family Sound Voyage. During this experience, you’ll be able to see marsh displays, diamondback terrapin turtles, oyster beds, and much more from a unique perspective and a bird’s eye view.

    Seeing Newman’s Own Hall is another excellent feature of the Maritime aquarium. You’ll also see sea turtles, jellyfish, lemon sharks, tiger sharks, sea bass, and other amazing aquamarine life and all of the splendor and beauty that go along with it.

    Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum

    As you have probably surmised, this museum is located in the Lockwood Mathews mansion in historic downtown Norwalk.

    Why is this mansion so famous?

    Well, it is considered one of the most significant and earliest Second Empire style country homes in the entirety of the United States.

    The renowned railroad tycoon and financier LeGrand Lockwood built the mansion between 1864 and 1868. And as you are about to learn upon visiting, this mansion beautifully articulates and illustrates the stunning interiors and architecture of the Victorian era.

    Fine Dining in Historic Downtown SoNo

    No matter who you are, and no matter what your tastes happen to be, there is definitely something for everyone to eat and enjoy when dining in downtown South Norwalk.

    As a matter of fact, the restaurants in this area are truly diverse and offer a wide range of fine dining options. At the same time, if you’re in the mood for a burger and fries, there are plenty of great places to go to get your grubby little hands on those as well!

    Some of the most popular restaurants in downtown SoNo include:

    O’Neill’s Irish Pub & Restaurant
    Mecha Noodle Bar
    SoNo Seaport Seafood
    SoNo Baking Company & Café
    That Stand Juice Company
    The Blind Rhino
    Zapata Mexican Restaurant
    Johnny Utah’s
    Rio Bravo Tacos & Tequila
    Room 112
    Quartina Trattoria & Vineria
    Oishi Sushi & Izakaya
    and many more
    On this short list alone, you can recognize the ethnic diversity and different styles of food. So just know that no matter where you come from, and no matter what type of food you happen to be in the mood for, you will find something to eat in downtown Norwalk.

    Luxury Living in Apartments in Norwalk CT

    You’re definitely in luck if you plan to move to historic downtown Norwalk now or in the near future. There are many wonderful places to live and plenty of amazing apartments in Norwalk, Connecticut.

    Personally, our favorite recommendation is called The Waypointe.

    We really love this place for many reasons, including the great community and apartment amenities that we’ll tell you about right now.

    The community amenities at The Waypointe are incredible.

    Some of our favorites include: club room with fireplace, rooftop terraces, fire pit and grilling areas, heated saltwater pool, landscaped dog park, dry cleaning drop off, bike storage, game rooms, billiards, cinema rooms and much more.

    The awesome apartment amenities at The Waypointe include: large closets, cathedral ceilings, full-size washers and dryers, balconies and patios, pet friendly apartments and much more.


    Historic downtown Norwalk is truly a sight to behold. Move into beautiful apartments in Norwalk in CT to appreciate the magnificence and splendor each and every day.