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    Halloween Candy Desserts

    October 11, 2019

    chocolates with mixer

    Halloween is coming to the apartments for rent in Norwalk, CT. That means you’ll have a great time attending costume parties and handing out treats to all the neighborhood kids. It might also mean, depending on how much candy you bought beforehand, that you might have a heaping helping left over once all is said and done. Now you’ve got a conundrum on your hands. Do you try to give that candy away? Eat it all yourself over a few sittings? If you’re the adventurous sort (and we hope you are) we hope you’ll consider a third option: transforming that extra Halloween candy into some impressively creative desserts. Here’s what you’ll need to know to get started.

    Delicious Peanut Butter Squares

    Even though they’re often a hot ticket, there’s a good chance you might be left with a big pile of Reese’s Pieces by the time Halloween is finished. What better way to make good use of them than to throw them in some absolutely marvelous peanut butter squares? This recipe comes courtesy of Food Network, and in addition to those delectable pieces, can also include some crushed pretzels and graham cracker crumbs to add that extra little twist of flavor.

    The Classic Kit Kat Brownie

    Ever thought about putting bits of a Kit Kat Bar into a delicious chocolate brownie? Now’s your chance, with this recipe from Delish. With this particular recipe, not only will those Kit Kat bits be used as a worthwhile topping for your wonderful brownies, they’ll be baked into the very core of your creations, offering a crispy, satisfying crunch with each bite that you take. Better have a big glass of milk nearby!

    Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie

    Fall is the perfect time for great pie, and this pumpkin ice cream pie from Taste of Home mixes in all the greatest flavors of the season, along with some crushed up Heath candy bars to add that bit of Halloween punch that will elevate it to the next level. The ingredient list for this recipe is fairly simple, as is the preparation itself. The end result, however, is a delicious pie that few will be able to turn down, and if you find yourself sampling a slice, you may be heading back for seconds before you even realize it.

    These Apartments for Rent in Norwalk Have Everything You Need to Get Started on Dessert

    Of course, you’ll need a nice kitchen to prepare your candy-infused desserts in, and for that, you’ll find few places nicer than The Waypointe. These lovely residences are great not only because they’re beautiful and spacious. The in-unit amenities, like a full suite of amazing kitchen appliances to take your cooking to the next level, are part and parcel of what makes this community so great. It’s Connecticut living like you’ll find nowhere else, so be sure to check out what The Waypointe has to offer you today, then make your move to one of the finest assemblages of apartments in Fairfield County.