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    Green Spring Cleaning

    February 24, 2015

    Mopping the floor in a kitchen with white cabinets

    Spring cleaning is great - but if you don’t particularly enjoy the lingering scent of bleach and ammonia, it’s not particularly appealing. Believe it or not, it’s possible to get a squeaky clean home this spring without using harsh chemicals, and it’s easier than you think. Here are some of our best tips for green spring cleaning your Waypointe apartment:

    First Things First

    Start by dusting - don’t bother wasting money on disposable dusters; simply purchase a reusable, washable mop pad and duster from Etsy, and feel free to dust away while minimizing your eco-impact.

    Shine and Protec

    After you dust, you’ll want to go a step further to protect your furniture and wood or tile floors. Use a green spray and wipe everything down with a damp soft cloth. Then, like a good car wax job, use a natural wood polish to really get that spring-clean gleam.

    Clean Out the Closet

    Your clothing shouldn’t escape the big spring clean - after all, you’ll feel much better with some more space to add in clothing you actually wear. Pull everything out, and try it all on. Do it in increments if you have to - then donate the rest to a local charity.

    See Clearly/h2> Eyes are the windows to your soul, and well, windows are the eyes of your house. Want squeaky-clean windows without using that smelly blue spray? Try on fresh lemon or aloe & green tea scents with [this]( "JR Watkins") eco-friendly window spray, and say goodbye to streaks.

    Spiff Up the Carpet

    If you have carpet or rugs in your apartment, it’s always a good idea to shampoo them after vacuuming. You’ll only have to do it a couple times a year, but it extends the life and look of your carpet. You could hire someone, or you could invest in your own shampooer. Try out one of these ten green products to deep-clean without harmful chemicals.

    Scour the Kitchen

    The kitchen might be the toughest spot in the house if you haven’t been keeping up on the stove cleaning - and let’s face it, who actually wipes it down every time they cook? All of that grease and gunk has built up, and it’s time to reveal the shiny surfaces all around, and disinfect to boot. You could try a mixture of baking soda and water - or just save time and buy this heavy-duty green cleaner to handle the tough dried-on messes.

    Revamp Your Restrooms

    The restroom probably isn’t your favorite spot to clean - but it does pay to create a welcoming atmosphere around the shower, which is a major boon for relaxation. Before you add any candles, make sure you clean everything thoroughly, from the outside of the toilet, to the shower curtain. Use a disinfecting cleaner like this one - you’ll reduce your risk of contracting the flu or common cold.

    Finishing Touches

    Now that you’re finished with all of the big cleaning projects, your house probably smells pretty clean. You can take it a step further by adding a fresh scent or by baking delicious cookies (they’re the best kind of reward for a job well done).

    Haven’t moved into The Waypointe yet? Contact us today to discuss the amenities and features just waiting for you. You’ll get to skip the whole spring cleaning part, since the apartment will be spotless and ready for you to move in!

    Image: Pixabay