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    Go Greek in Norwalk

    August 10, 2015

    A plate of food with grilled vegetables and skewers of meat

    In the early 20th century, Greek immigrants started moving into Norwalk--and ever since, we’ve enjoyed fantastic Greek culture and cuisine in Norwalk, CT.
    That’s why we’re so excited about the St. George Greek Festival on August 20-August 23. It’s been running for about 40 years, and rain or shine, this festival’s going always one to remember. Enjoy homemade greek cuisine, authentic Greek pastries, traditional Greek dancing and music, an outdoor cafe, and games and rides. Check out the details here.
    But you don’t have to be at the Greek Festival to eat delicious Greek food. Want to keep a celebration of Greek culture going on all year long--particularly in the food department? You’re in luck. Here are our favorite restaurants Greek restaurants in Norwalk.

    Pontos Taverna

    6 minute drive

    Pontos Taverna may be hard to find, but it’s well worth it. The family that opened and operates this restaurant is authentically greek, and their food reflects it. Theodoros, a father of seven, truly knows the kitchen inside and out, and has passed on his love of Greek cuisine to his children.
    One click on their website will have you drooling. If you’re not ready to order yet, just don’t click on the menu. It’s chock full of specialities like homemade gyro off the spit and grilled octopus--everything will look good. You could spend hours trying to decide. Do yourself a favor, and get the souvlaki platter. It’s huge, and you can split it into two delectable meals.

    Belden Avenue Pizza

    2 minute drive

    Belden Avenue Pizza’s website is not much to gawk at--head straight to the menu to place your order for some amazing souvlakis and platters. Order pita bread with creamy tzatziki sauce, satisfying stuffed grape leaves, and a piping hot gyro pita. Or go crazy and get the pizza of Greek legends--Moussaka, the Shepherds Pie of Greece--with eggplant, meatball, mozzarella and oregano You can always get the large pepperoni pie next time. According to reviewers, t’s up to New York standards, which makes sense, since we’re not too far from the city. Too tired to go out? Delivery is super fast.

    Jordan’s Restaurant & Pizza

    8 minute drive

    We’re not sure who Jordan is, but we’re sure that the Kitsa Pella Salad, a fresh baked pizza bread bowl resting on a halo of homemade tzatziki sauce and filled with crisp lettuce, mesclun, tomato, cucumbers, carrots, greek olives, and topped with feta and mozzarella (plus your choice of protein) was created in heaven.
    Jordan’s Restaurant & Pizza’s menu is a perfect union of Greece and America. They really know how to take chicken breast from blah to delicious, with the perfect amount of spice--no mean feat. Oh, and they were voted #1 for best pizza in Connecticut. Just saying.

    Mediterraneo Norwalk

    9 minute drive

    Mediterraneo Norwalk is one classy joint--located inside the Zero Degrees Hotel--and well worth setting up a reservation for. Enjoy your food with a view: there’s a waterfall and river right outside. According to one reviewer, once you’re inside, you’ll feel like you’re on a luxury yacht, with the menu to match.
    Choose from parmesan crusted halibut or the braised pork and lentil ravioli, or try the lump crab and sunchoke gratin. Granted, this restaurant is less Greek and more generally Mediterranean, but it’s a great place to have a nice Mediterranean style, heavy-on-the-seafood meal in Norwalk.

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    Image: Flickr via Geoff Peters 604