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    Get into Spring Cleaning

    April 18, 2018

    The Waypointe - Spring Cleaning

    Whether you live in 2 bedroom apartments in Stamford CT or somewhere else in the vicinity of Norwalk, you’ll need to keep up on spring cleaning if you want your gorgeous place of abode to remain that way. Otherwise your house or apartment could get dirty, cluttered, and ultimately look out of sorts, which is something we would all rather avoid to keep our home looking amazing and in pristine condition.

    The goal is to spend some time during the beginning of spring to get your house in order for the coming warmer months. Maybe it’s warm enough to replace your storm windows with screens to let the cool fresh air back into your home on bright sunny days. Or maybe your house is very cluttered and it’s time to go through all of your items, figure out which ones you use regularly, which ones are just taking up space, and sort them so you can keep the good stuff and potentially sell, donate, or throw out the rest.

    On the other hand, sometimes spring cleaning requires putting in lots of legwork to literally clean the house up and down to make it absolutely spotless. You could have lots of dust, dirt, and debris that needs to be cleaned up and now is the perfect time and opportunity to get your house in order as the weather finally begins to warm up after a long winter.

    With that in mind, we will now take a look at some tips to help you begin your spring cleaning journey if you’re having a hard time getting into this experience. Pay close attention to the tips we’re sharing and use them to motivate yourself to begin your spring cleaning journey right away.

    Tip #1: Schedule Spring Cleaning Dates and Times

    For some of us, scheduling spring cleaning dates and times might seem like overkill. For others, this might seem like the only way to actually get it done because you have a tendency to forget to do things unless it’s actually on your schedule.

    We want you to have the best chance at achieving spring cleaning success. And we do not want you to get so totally overwhelmed because there’s too much to do. So instead of trying to tackle every single project all at the same time and finish it in one weekend, we actually recommend creating a schedule so you can work on one thing at a time on a specific date and time. Before long, after following the schedule religiously, you’ll begin to notice you’ve made progress. In no time at all your spring cleaning responsibilities will have all been taken care of. Now nothing is left on your plate to worry about until next year.

    When you normally clean, which areas of your home do you typically tend to skip? Have you avoided washing your windows for quite some time? Is there a particular closet overflowing with all sorts of stuff? We highly recommend starting with the areas that you regularly skip during your normal cleaning routine and work on them first. Just begin with one task at a time, tackle it, add the next task to your schedule, and continue to follow this pattern until everything is complete.

    Tip #2: It’s Finally Time to De-Clutter Your Home

    Unfortunately, there are a number of studies that prove living in cluttered homes are bad for your mental health and they actually cause a great deal of stress. It may not seem like much, but the clutter can seriously have a negative toll on your body and mind.

    Nobody likes to walk in their house to see a huge pile of laundry that needs to get cleaned after they spent the entire day working. Nobody loves walking through their home and seeing thick layers of dust all over their furniture.

    Do you have an extra special closet or junk drawer that you love to throw things in? It’s time to finally clean out this clutter and begin organizing your life. Get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy, which we all learned about in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up by Marie Kondo. Once you’ve finally eliminated all the clutter, you can then begin organizing your stuff during spring cleaning so your closets, junk drawers, and other typically clutter filled areas are clean, organized, and not nearly as stressful as they used to be.

    Tip #3: Remember to Clean Your Windows and Walls

    It’s kind of funny because the average person has no problem remembering to clean their floors, but they often overlook cleaning their walls, windows, and even ceilings for that matter. Since most of the dust actually settles on the floor and other surfaces of the home, it’s much easier to remember to clean off those areas.

    But you will get plenty of buildup of dirt and grime on your walls, windows, and ceilings as well. So you should spend some time cleaning these areas during spring cleaning to have your house looking spic and span and sparkly clean.

    So grab a towel and wet it so it’s damp. Use the towel to wipe down your walls, ceilings, windows and blinds. Go to the outside of your home and wipe down the windows from that side, along with the screens as well. Once you’re through, your windows look absolutely amazing and you’ll be shocked to know that they can truly get that clean.

    All in all, it’s time to show your windows and walls some much-needed love during this round of spring cleaning. Your house will look spotless once you take care of these forgetful areas and clean them from top to bottom this time around.

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