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    Fun Shoe Storage Solutions

    August 29, 2019

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    If you’re lucky enough to call the luxury apartments in CT home, then you know by now they’re all about providing a comfortable living experience by way of superior convenience and spaciousness. There are always a few ways you can make your place feel even more roomy, though, particularly if you’ve got an ever-expanding collection of shoes. The answer, of course, is to get creative in how you store these accessories. With the right gameplan, you can finally take control of that once-jumbled mess you call a closet and start storing your footwear like a true adult.

    Taking Your Storage Game to the Next Level

    So, you want to store your shoes more effectively? There are plenty of ways you can tackle this task, and a great way to start is by improving your organization. Think about how you’re currently storing your shoes; is it really as efficient as you think? For most of us (who are just tossing our shoes in a pile in a closet) the answer is no. Here’s how to improve:

    Brand New Storage Racks

    It’s a straightforward and powerful solution, and one that allows you to express a little bit of creativity in the process. There are tons of storage rack styles that can not only increase the amount of storage space you have, but also show off some style with their unique designs.

    The most obvious place to start is with floor racks. You can get the type that fit neatly within your closet and allow you to turn that aforementioned pile into an orderly display of footwear, and if the number of shoes you have is still too much, you can turn to racks that fit on the walls or attach to the inside of a door for even more room.

    Full Closet Conversion

    Another storage idea, if you’ve got a lot of shoes in your possession, is to dedicate an entire closet to housing footwear. There are plenty of options for creating temporary, tiered-shelving within a closet space (like interior designer Michelle Smith did in her fabulous city apartment), and they’ll give you the perfect area to store and show off your collection.

    Break Out the Baskets

    As an alternative to racks and shelves, you could instead try using baskets to house your expanding shoe collection. The trick here is to remember we’re using baskets (plural) and not a singular large basket for our shoes. You can get “towers” That hold rows of multiple, small baskets, then fit a pair or two of your shoes neatly inside. Voila!

    The Luxury Apartments in CT Await

    Now that you have your shoe situation under control, you should be ready to tailor your apartment space at The Waypointe exactly to your liking. These superbly-designed residences represent the very best of convenience and comfort — the way life in Norwalk was meant to be. Learn more about what The Waypointe has to offer you today, and prepare to make this your new home along the Connecticut waters.