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    Exploring Norwalk Beaches

    April 28, 2017

    Views of the beach at sunset

    The beaches in Norwalk, Connecticut are more than breathtakingly beautiful. They are historically significant and contributed to and impacted America, as we know it. During the developmental stages of Norwalk, the unusual island formations, and natural resources of the area were considered. The city was designed around protecting those resources and the beauty of the area. These things were considered when homes and apartments in Norwalk were being built. The integrity of the land was of the utmost importance, as it is today.

    Calf Pasture Beach

    Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk is a popular destination for many reasons. Adjoined with the park, Calf Pasture Beach is part of .45 square miles of premium landscapes and inherent beauty. This is a much-desired location for elegant beach weddings and relaxing and romantic honeymoons.

    You will see people fishing off the pier, and in the evenings you will probably see folks digging for clams. The beach has three distinct areas. The shaded picnic area, the sandy beach area and a third area near sailboats and a baseball field. The diversity of the residents of this quaint city is evident in Norwalk and the surrounding areas.

    Calf Pasture Beach got its name in the 17th century when early settlers used the area to graze cows. It was also used during the American Revolutionary War as a place to go ashore and for soldiers to set-up camp. In 1779 after the British troops raided Norwalk, via Calf Pasture Beach, there were only 6 houses left standing when the invasion was over.

    Hickory Bluff Beach

    If you are looking for a great beach to travel to for a vacation, consider Hickory Bluff Beach. Hickory Bluff Beach was designed for the vacationer. It features a campground, sheltered grilles, rentals, and restrooms with showers (and parking). For the water lovers, There is a pier and a boat ramp. Water activities include swimming, shelling, snorkeling, surfing, and various water sports.

    The picnic areas are spacious and fun for the entire family. The swimming areas have lifeguards on duty during posted times for safety.

    This beach is near the exclusive Rowayton Yacht Club.

    Long Island Sound

    You cannot speak of the unique beaches in the Norwalk areas without mentioning the Long Island Sound. The Long Island Sound is an estuary, which is a place where salt water from the ocean, mixes with freshwater from rivers draining off the land. These areas are the most efficient ecosystems in the world. They are feeding and breeding areas for many species and nurseries for their young. Long Island Sound is one of the most efficient and therefore one of the most important estuaries in the nation.

    The area is home to a huge array of 170 fish species, and bird lovers need only arrive on the beach to see unique birds drawn to the region. Of course, the area is also popular among sun and sand lovers.

    This is a very profitable territory, which earns almost $10 billion annually. Commerce uses the Long Island Sound as a point used by ferries, ships, and barges. It is the place where goods and people are transported into deep harbors.

    Private Beaches

    Norwalk, Connecticut is a growing and popular place to live for the more distinguished resident. To that end, there are several private beaches and luxury areas in Norwalk that may interest you if you are considering a move.

    Here are a few of the private beaches in exclusive areas of Norwalk:

    Shore and Country

    Owned by Shore and Country and nestled amid the beautiful Norwalk Islands and harbor. This club caters to the family and community of Norwalk. They feature the best of everything and do not settle. This private beach is near New York, and Rhode Island harbors.

    Marvin Beach

    Marvin Beach is owned by the Marvin Beach association. The Marvin Beach Association is in East Norwalk. The beach is designed for families who enjoy natural beauty. The water quality is always high and continually tested. This beach is in another of Norwalk’s exclusive neighborhoods.

    Harbor View Beach Club

    In South Norwalk, on a tiny island that is only accessible by one causeway, you will find Harbor View Beach Club. This beach is owned by Harbor view Beach Estates (a private group). The island was once occupied by wealthy New Yorkers who purchased property on the island for summer homes. Now it is home to 109 houses with year-round residents. It is extremely private, amazingly beautiful, and the residents are pleasant and thoughtful.

    Village Creek Beach

    In 1949, housing discrimination was common in the United States. People were treated unfairly because of the religion or race. In a bold move to change that, Village Creek Beach was born. You must be a member of the Village Creek Home Association to use this private and historical beach.

    Living in Norwalk

    This year, a study put out by Norwalk Patch, ranked Norwalk the 41st in the best places to live in Connecticut. The area is clean, safe, near large metropolitan areas by train.The schools are highly rated and it is a leading community for music and the arts. With extensive history and wonderful museums, you feel a sense of American pride for living there.

    There are a lot of influential residents living in exclusive areas in Norwalk, Connecticut. Beautiful homes, luxury apartments, and beachside country clubs are situated on the shorelines as well as on the islands.

    Norwalk has great and culturally diverse residents. There are many amenities for children and families, but there is also an extensive night life. Norwalk has award winning fine dining, famous beer gardens and wine bars featuring some of the finest wine available.

    Whether you want to live in a home on a small but beautiful island, or in an apartment with every modern day comfort, you will find your perfect home or luxury apartment in Norwalk. Commuting to New York is fast and convenient with a direct 1-hour and 4-minute train ride.