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The Waypointe is a premier new destination in downtown Norwalk, convenient to I-95, Route 7, Metro-North, and Amtrak.

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    Enhancing Your Balcony

    February 3, 2015

    View of the District at the Waypointe from Waypointe apartment balcony

    There’s nothing like coming home from a long day at work and relaxing on your balcony with a glass of wine. It may feel like winter will never end, but spring is approaching, and it’s the perfect time to plan what your perfect balcony will look like. At The Waypointe, amenities like balconies come standard - so make the most of yours with these helpful decorating tips!

    Add Comfortable Seating & Furnishings

    Before you fill up your space with gnome sculptures, knick knacks, tables, and chairs, think about what you want your balcony’s function to be. Your balcony can either be a peaceful extension of your current home environment, or a vibrant, stimulating escape. In the former case, a couple chairs and a small round table would suit a morning coffee drinker just right. For the latter, be creative about seating - a bench is your best bet to maximize seating. If you have furniture with upholstery that needs to be refreshed, head to KOSTAS Upholstery (29 Harbor Avenue).

    Set Up Ambient Lights

    Outdoor lighting can range from quirky to classic to everything in between. Find something that matches your current taste. Much of this will be reflected in the color scheme of your fabrics and furniture, and it will set the mood for whatever look you’re hoping to achieve.

    Invest in Greenery

    Foliage is pretty inexpensive, packs a colorful punch, and infuses your balcony with life. Try small pots of your favorite flower varieties, climbing ivy (looks especially pretty over railing), or in the winter months, hardy shrubs. If your balcony faces the sun much of the day, ensure the plants you buy are suitable for sunny conditions, and vice versa. Check the Norwalk CT website for the best native Norwalk plants.

    Decorate Vertically

    Whatever way you slice it, balconies don’t offer unlimited space. Think about the ways you can use vertical space to create room to roam. Don’t place large potted plants all over, get a vertical rack to place them on, or hang them from the railing (obviously ensure they’re very secure). Be creative and think about the most important aspects of your balcony - do you prefer standing room and rail space for visitors to lean on? Or would you prefer everyone collapses on comfortable cushions? You decide.

    There’s really no limit to the looks and functionality you can achieve with your balcony. The most important part is deciding what you’d like your balcony to function as, then let your creative side take over! If you haven’t yet moved into The Waypointe, but would love to hear about the plethora of amenities we offer, please feel free to contact us today!

    Image Source: Carmel Apartments