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    Dog Friendly Activity Stamford

    May 24, 2017

    Stamford Dog Park - The Waypointe Apts

    Located on the Connecticut coast, close to New York city, lies Stamford. Incorporated in 1949, the town has grown to a modest size of about 122,643 residents. It's well-known for its repeated rises and falls from prominence, playing home to large financial district, and; overall, being a clean and superbly designed place to live. There is another facet to Stamford that isn't as widely discussed, however, and that's how unbelievably dog-friendly the city is. There are a great many dog-friendly activities to partake in around town, and today, we're going to show you some of the most prominent. By the time we're through, you might even be enticed enough to start looking at apartments for rent right in Stamford, CT.

    The Stamford Dog Park

    Right off the bat, you've got the Stamford Dog Park. No dog lovers town is complete without one, and this one has the distinction of playing host to some of the most zealous dog enthusiasts in the country. Located on Courtland Avenue, the 1.2-acre park features two areas—one for larger dogs, and one for smaller dogs. The large, open spaces grant plenty of room for pups to play in, and the nearby playground provides a space for children as well. It's a great place for your dog to interact with others, get some exercise, and, in general, just cut loose.

    This might not be the only dog park in the Fairfield County, but, being located right in Stamford, it provides a nearby option that's difficult to overlook. Though opinion was mixed on whether it would be successful or not when it first opened back in 2009, it has grown into a regular attraction for many dog-obsessed locals. More than one current Stamford resident has revealed that the inclusion of the park was a huge selling point in their decision to move to the town.

    Dog-Friendly Hiking

    Perhaps you and your pet want to get closer to nature? Connecticut has a number of dog-friendly trails, many of which are easily accessible from Stamford. The Cascades At Lake Mohegan, for example, is located a short drive away in Fairfield. This well-reviewed trail wraps around a beautiful lake that includes a waterfall and creek (hence the "cascades" title). The totality of the Lake Mohegan park area encompasses 170-acres, plenty of room to explore and get lost in for a daytime adventure. As long as you've got your trusty dog leash with you, you can take your pet to the beaches, open space areas, and even the marina. Your dog will love poking their nose around and interacting with all there is to see and do. This is far from the only option, though; you can see a longer list of other dog-friendly hiking areas here.

    If you still want your dog to get a taste of the wilderness while you're otherwise disposed, then you're in luck. Stamford is home to adventure services like Active Dog, who will take your pet on supervised, hour-long jaunts into the woods, and document the whole experience for you to enjoy after the fact. Staffed by expert guides and ardent dog custodians, these kinds of care services are exactly what a pet owner needs to ensure that their pooch(es) are getting the attention they deserve, even when they may not have the time to do it themselves.

    Dog Education

    If you need to teach your dog some new tricks, you can avail yourself of the services of experienced local trainers like Dog Gone Smart. They're considered one of the top canine centers in the Fairfield County region, and for good reason. This facility offers an array of workshops, group classes, and private lessons, all aimed at helping improve your dog's character and skills.

    In addition, they have a heated indoor swimming pool—exclusively for dogs. If your dog loves the water, or you'd like to get them acclimated to swimming around, this is the place to do it. Swimming is great exercise for dogs, and is especially well-suited for older dogs whose joints might be feeling a bit of stiffness. Few other things are as enjoyable for an active dog than a dip in the water.

    Amazing Dog Shows

    Connecticut is also home to some spectacular dog shows; most notably, the Greenwich All-Breed Dog Show. This event allows your dog an opportunity to show off their training and impress crowds with their skills, while you relish in the excitement of seeing so many well-behaved and obedient pups strut their stuff.

    The All-Breed Dog Show is sponsored by the Greenwich Kennel Club, one of the oldest all-breed clubs in the Connecticut/New York/New Jersey area. Their show has been around since 1930, and features multiple events and competitions for several classes of dogs. They have categories for puppies, veterans, and even miscellaneous breeds. The show includes a parade, agility shows, handling clinics, and everything else a great dog show should to be considered one of the best.

    While you're there, you might even take a look at the Hunting Dog Demo, which showcases a wide variety of hunting dogs, and displays some of the methodology of molding them into the perfect sporting companions. There's also the Barn Hunt, a newer event that tests dog's abilities to sniff out and eradicate smaller mammals and vermin, as many varieties were bred to do. These are just a few of the cool events they have on display, however, so be sure to check out the full listing to get a better idea of all the fun you and your pet can get into at the show.

    Apartments For Rent In Stamford, CT

    Now all you need is a central location from which you can enjoy all the dog-centric festivities. The Waypointe, located West Avenue, is the perfect place to experience all the joys of Fairfield County. This impressive complex features both modern and traditional-style spaces in varying sizes for all lifestyle types. Whether you're single and just starting out, or well-established with a growing family, there's a unit suited just for you. The Waypointe houses the pinnacle in building conveniences and resident amenities, and is situated right in the heart of the area's premier shopping and dining destinations. Make this home by the water yours as well; check out everything the Waypointe has to offer and come experience the good life.