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The Waypointe is a premier new destination in downtown Norwalk, convenient to I-95, Route 7, Metro-North, and Amtrak.

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    Discover Your Work of Art

    January 27, 2015

    A bedroom interior with a queen bed and a nightstand

    So you’ve decked out your Waypointe Apartment with the right lighting, the best, comfiest couch, and pieces of furniture that make you happy. There’s just one thing missing - art.

    The impact a painting or sculpture has on a room is huge, but it can be tough to figure out what works, what you enjoy, and where to buy it. There are several studios nearby that offer a great selection of art. Check them out, and discover your work of art!

    Artist’s Market


    (163 Main St)

    This place has triple functionality - it’s a museum (with rare M.C. Escher’s work), gallery, and framing workshop. Not only will you find fine art and photography, you’ll also find American crafts you won’t find anywhere else. All works of art are curated by the owner from all over America. If you’re seeking a piece you could hand down the family line - or just admire every day for yourself - the Artist’s Market is a great place to start.

    Galerie Sono

    ]( "Galerie Sono")

    (123 Washington St)

    With over 15 artists, you’re sure to find something that will resonate with you here. Galerie Sono includes everything from a simple, colorful still life by Edward A. Butler, to a dramatic, textured piece by Adam Shaw. You don’t even have to show up - check out their virtual walk through first to see if anything catches your eye.

    Harris Studio

    (2 Jarvis St)

    There’s something incredibly calming about the surface of a pond, isn’t there? Well, nobody paints or photographs water like John Harris. Slow-moving rivers, reflections of trees, dappled lakes in the impressionist style - he’s painted everything but your bath tub. The canvases are typically around 38” 64,” so it still garners attention without overwhelming your space.

    Fairfield County Antique and Design Center

    (19 Willard Rd)

    Searching for a Mid-Century Modern print? An antique vase for your over your fireplace? Fairfield County Antique and Design Center is brimming with 20,000 square feet full of “antique, art, and vintage finds for all decorative and collector styles.” Leclerc Contemporary Gallery, featuring groundbreaking contemporary art, is very close. Head there afterward to check out some pieces that will leave you breathless. Exhibits change frequently, so if you spot something you like, grab it! See past exhibitions here.

    Art doesn’t have to be rocket science. Once you visit these galleries, you’re sure to find a piece that will complement your decor - or perhaps inspire you to revamp a room in your apartment. Speaking of inspiration, check out our Pinterest decor board for more!