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    Create More Space in Apartment

    April 21, 2015

    A modern table with four chairs near a window

    One of the best aspects of apartment living is also one of its biggest challenges – you’ll have less space than a house, particularly in garage and storage space. But being able to downsize and not collect clutter is a refreshing way to live. More stuff equals more stress and the lack of extra space forces apartment dwellers to get creative with how they utilize space. Here are five ways to maximize the (already pretty spacious) space in your Waypointe apartment:

    1. Prioritize & Cut Down on Clutter

    Keep the things you use every day handy, and store the rest. When choosing artwork or collectibles to display, consider items that can be hung or mounted on walls, rather than items that take up valuable counter, shelf or floor space. Be sure to keep stored items organized in under-bed containers or install extra closet shelving.

    2. Stow the Seasonal and Sentimental

    Take storage one step further and consider a long-term solution for those things you only use once a year – like holiday decorations – or sentimental items you’re saving for the future. At the Waypointe, we offer on-site storage as well as dedicated bike storage. Also, consider one of our loft or penthouse floorplans, which feature significant in-apartment storage space.

    3. Go Vertical

    With floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or floating shelves, you can take advantage of all that space you have above. Plus, floating shelves can be customized to the space, so you can place them in corners or frame your furniture with them (like Ikea floating shelves above the entertainment center).

    4. Invest in Transitional Furniture

    Furniture that can serve a dual purpose is always a good idea in your apartment. Lay a cube storage shelf on its side, place a cushion on top and – voila! – you have a DIY bench. Try two small round tables for a coffee table rather than one large piece. This will make them easier to move when you need to create more space in front of the sofa.

    5. Get Creative with Illusion

    After you’ve organized, stored, downsized, and verticalized as much as possible, you can go a step further and create the illusion of more space in your apartment with a few clever space-creating tricks. Try painting shelves the same color as your walls; get a rug that’s big enough for your space; play with light and color, or strategically place mirrors to create the feeling of more room.

    To downsize, relax and live peacefully, apartment living is a great choice. Contact us to find your dream apartment home at the Waypointe.

    Image: Pixabay