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    Breakfast and Beaches Norwalk

    September 29, 2017

    Four women dining outside near a marina

    Walking down the streets of Norwalk, you will notice it is not like every other beach city. Norwalk is as close to its natural state as possible. The founders and leaders of the city recognized the natural resources of the area and decided to keep it just as nature intended. The decision to protect and preserve the land was made, and it is a priority to this day.

    Developers work within those boundaries. This is partially the reason why industry leaders such as Stamford rentals invest in the luxurious life of Norwalk.

    You will not find more lovely and natural beaches than the beaches in Norwalk. You see, Norwalk wanted to protect and preserve the beauty and natural environment of the area. So the city was designed around the land and beaches.

    The beaches in Norwalk, Connecticut are more than breathtakingly beautiful. They are historically significant and contributed to and impacted America, as we know it. The city was designed around protecting those resources and the beauty of the area, These things were considered when homes and Stamford rentals were being built. The integrity of the land was of the utmost importance, as it is today.

    Residents of Norwalk enjoy their city. They know their city holds itself to a higher standard and they do likewise. While they go out to enjoy a beach, enjoying a fantastic breakfast just puts the icing on the cake. Below you will see some of our favorite beaches and places to enjoy breakfast. You don’t have to rush. They serve brunch as well.

    Dominick's Deli

    Dominick's Deli is a great place for any meal of the day. They have an extensive menu for breakfast and lunch and it is a local favorite. It is not unusual to see a line, but they will get you in and seated quickly.

    Calf Pasture Beach

    Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk is a popular destination for many reasons. Adjoined with the park, Calf Pasture Beach is part of .45 square miles of premium landscapes and inherent beauty. This is a much-desired location for elegant beach weddings and relaxing and romantic honeymoons.

    SoNo Harbor Deli & Cafe

    If you are a serious lover of breakfast, you will love this harbor restaurant. The food is great and they serve generously. The staff is attentive and friendly. If you want some fantastic baked goods and pastries to take home, pop over to the SoNo Baking Company. Whatever your heart (or stomach) desires are ready to go in a few minutes.

    Hickory Bluff Beach

    If you are looking for a great beach to travel to for a vacation, consider Hickory Bluff Beach. Hickory Bluff Beach was designed for the vacationer. It features a campground, sheltered grilles, rentals, and restrooms and parking.

    Speedy Donuts

    Warm and freshly baked donuts and pastries are a great way to start your day. You can eat in if you want, or take your bounty to Hickory Bluff Beach. They have plenty of room in their picnic areas, You will feel like you are on vacation.

    Long Island Sound

    The Long Island Sound is an estuary, which is a place where salt water from the ocean, mixes with freshwater from rivers draining off the land. These areas are the most efficient ecosystems in the world. They are feeding and breeding areas for many species and nurseries for their young. Long Island Sound is one of the most efficient and therefore one of the most important estuaries in the nation.

    Commerce uses the Long Island Sound as a point used by ferries, ships, and barges. It is the place where goods and people are transported into deep harbors.

    Family Diner

    Before you load up the kids and head to see the Long Island Sound, make a stop at the Family Diner on Main Street. Have a great home-cooked breakfast that would satisfy even the pickiest eater. Don’t worry about the calories, you can burn them off later in the gym. There is so much to do and see at Long Island Sound, you will want to stay. So fill up before you go and enjoy your day.

    Cove Deli & Cafe

    Stop in for a great, made fresh breakfast or stop in for a great sandwich on your way home. Cove Deli is a 5-star deli for a reason. Be sure to give them a try.

    Living in Norwalk

    Norwalk ranks 41st in the best places to live in Connecticut. The area is clean, safe, near large metropolitan areas by train.The schools are highly rated and it is a leading community for music and the arts. With extensive history and wonderful museums, you feel a sense of American pride for living there.

    Many people who move in high-society have homes in Norwalk, Connecticut. Beautiful homes, luxury apartments, and beachside country clubs are situated on the shorelines as well as on the islands.

    Norwalk takes pride in their cultural diversity. Diversity and consideration of all residents are why you will find entertainment and education for children and wholesome family activities and an intense nightlife. Norwalk has award-winning fine dining, famous beer gardens and wine bars featuring some of the finest wine available.

    Whether you want to live in a home on a small but beautiful island, or in an apartment with every modern day comfort, you will find your perfect home or luxury apartment. Stamford rentals can help. Commuting to New York is fast and convenient with a direct 1-hour and 4-minute train ride.

    Norwalk is the perfect home for someone rising in the business field, starting a family, or people who have reached a point in their lives to enjoy what they worked so hard to achieve.

    There is so much more to Norwalk than what meets the eye. Take the time to learn about the history of this great city. When you understand the history of Norwalk, you will be proud to be a resident of the area. It is a modern city, with every luxury.