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    Best Valentines Dinner Norwalk

    February 9, 2018

    Norwalk Romantic Dinner - The Waypointe Apts

    Here’s the deal: you know Valentine’s day is coming, and you know that treating your special someone to an amazing dinner is the key to making the evening one to remember for the ages. You’re in the Norwalk apartments, but you don’t trust your culinary skills quite enough to tackle the task of making dinner on your own. What do you do? Enjoy an evening out, naturally.

    Norwalk is surrounded by great places to have a fantastic meal, and for Valentine’s day, many establishments will be pulling out all the stops to ensure their guests are well-fed. If you need some insight on some choice favorites, read on, as we explore where you can find the best dinners come February 14th.

    Blue Cactus Grill

    There comes a time where you just want to enjoy some delicious American food, perhaps with a few embellishment from the Southwest. For those times, the Blue Cactus Grill is ready to leap into action, offering an array of cheeseteaks, sandwiches, chili, and more in a simple but relaxed environment. Now, you might be crying, “cheesesteaks aren’t romantic,” but your mileage may vary. If you’re keen on getting an early dinner in and getting back to your apartment to rest up and avoiding all the late-night Valentine’s shenanigans, this will be the easy option that chill couples can surely enjoy.

    Oak + Almond

    Now, if you’re keen on the American food, but you want to try something with a bit more in the way of style and flair, your best bet might be Oak + Almond, with their farm-to-table, wood-fired approach to cooking. They’ve racked up their fair share of awards, like the Trip Advisor Certificate Of Excellence and a Diner’s Choice badge from OpenTable, along with reviews from the likes of Zagat and the New York Times:

    “The name Oak + Almond refers to the woods used in the cooking. The restaurant has a wood oven, rotisserie and grill as well as a smoker out back, and that wonderful smoky aroma is evident the minute you enter.”

    Of particular note are the wood-fired chicken wings, olive bowls, and Hampshire pork chops. You’ll be able to get your fill here and impress your V-Day date with your knowledge of some of Norwalk’s finer eateries.


    Match is considered one of South Norwalk (SoNo’s) best, with a story that accompanies the unique neighborhood’s rise to prominence:

    “Match was an early pioneer of South Norwalk, opening on Washington Street in 1999 and helping to revitalize the now bustling SoNo neighborhood. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation as one of the state’s most beloved restaurants by dining critics and diners alike, who appreciate our consistency, culinary creativity, and fun atmosphere.”

    Coming up on nearly twenty years in existence, they’ve cultivated a reputation for consistency and quality, winning numerous awards year after year, and focusing heavily on refining their techniques and improving their food. Matched with the energy of being inside this delightfully vibrant space, you can see why the regular clientele keep coming back. This will be a great choice for you and your date if you’re into pizzas, pastas, big bowls of soup, and sumptuous sides.

    Osteria Romana

    For a walk on the Italian side, you’ll want to head over to Osteria Romana on Westport avenue. You’ll get the star treatment from the “first Osteria Romana,” which, by all accounts, helps set the mood with their lovely decor and welcoming approach to food service. It’s a warm environment, one wherein the food and wine really help to complement the entire experience.

    Among those dinner food choices you’ll find a range of Italian offerings (much like you’d expect) including calamari, various salads, fish, chicken, veal, pastas, and more. The wine list is also quite expansive, brining with it a slew of Italian reds and whites, straight from locations like Venice and Sicily. Rest assured, this will be a fancy V-Day date done right.

    Pontos Taverna

    Maybe you’d like to swap the Italian fare for something more...Greek? Pontos Taverna is the place to do it, as they offer the most authentic Greek dishes you’ll find in downtown Norwalk. Located on Isaac Street, this establishment was founded back in 2011, with a mission to let everyone eat like a Greek, courtesy of the colorful family who runs the restaurant:

    “We are definitely not your average family. Our family is loud, funny, fun and passionate. We talk the talk and believe me when we tell you; we all talk a lot. It might seems as if we are fighting, but NO, we are just loud opinionated Greeks.”

    Fans of this restaurant enjoy the simple atmosphere, the comfortable seating, and, of course, the great food. They also offer a pretty big list of wines to choose from, so you should be all set for date night if this turns out to be your destination.

    Rowayton Seafood

    For those who love the delicacies of the sea, Rowayton Seafood is here to oblige. This establishment, fittingly located on Rowayton Avenue, promises that the food is even better than the view (which, admittedly, is quite good). A community favorite since 1996, they seem to be keeping good on that promise, and have earned their fair share of “Best Seafood” awards throughout their many years of existence. They’ve also received some rather glowing praise from Zagat:

    “The sunny porch brightens any day at this seafood specialist on the banks of Five Mile River in Rowayton that practically shouts New England with its charming setting and inventive, fresh coastal fare. There’s valet parking should you roll up in your Mercedes and you can dock your yacht too, and if a few carp it’s a little expensive and far too noisy, most leave full, happy, and well cared for.”

    They emphasize “sustainable seafood” here, having teamed up with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Seafood Watch Program to enhance their efforts at making the ocean healthy for the long term. You can play that angle to your date, as you argue you’re eating out for a good cause.

    There’s Plenty More Around The Norwalk Apartments

    Not just for fine dining, but everything else you’ll need to make sure Valentine’s day goes off without a hitch. When you’re located in great communities like The Waypointe, it’s all within arms reach, and you can end your date night in the comfort of outstanding living spaces that exemplify the quiet, coastal lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.