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    Best Prime Rib in Norwalk

    June 30, 2017

    Ribs and sauce

    Every state in America is known for a fair amount of things that separate it from the others as unique. Connecticut is known as the Constitution and Nutmeg State, but it also happens to be known amongst American's taste buds as the state that has mastered the art of making succulent prime rib. The Waypointe Luxury Apartments focus on the finer things in life, and a perfectly prepared prime rib is certainly among those. So, here is where you can find the best cuts cooked to your liking in Norwalk, Connecticut.

    Washington Prime

    Located in South Norwalk, Washington Prime serves plenty of delicious meals including a heft ice cream sandwich for dessert. However, it is their prime rib that stands out amongst the rest. Served on a cedar wood plank and browned to perfection, these decadent cuts are cooked just the way you like them. Pair your platter with various draft or bottled beer selection, or a your cocktail of choice. Should you be in the mood for something a little more "non-traditional" then we suggest the prime rib burger. It's the best of both worlds on a brioche bun with plenty of cheese and a sauce that takes this meat to another level.

    Just in case, for some reason, you are craving something other than a prime cut of rib there are plenty of other menu options at Washington Prime to choose from. Philly Cheese Steak egg roll, Tuna Crudo, beef tartare, and more steaks than you can shake a leg at are all delicious options to elevate your evening.

    Sedona Taphouse

    This stunning taphouse bar features stone inlay, 40" plasma screen televisions, and a beer selection that can quell even the most refined thirsts. With ample amount of seating both inside and outside, patrons can enjoy their widespread menu. Chipotle chicken tacos, Mahi Mahi with pineapple mango salsa, shirmp and crab topped tilapia, and more all make for hearty choices with plenty of flavor. Each dish is created fresh in-house with the finest ingredients.

    However, we are here to discuss their prime rib sandwich. Think tapas style, but with a flavorful punch so rich and seasoned that you'll want to savor every last bite. This kitchen has mastered their prime rib from its preparation to its presentation. Sedona offers the perfect evening of food, drink, and fun times.

    Jesup Hall

    Jesup Hall is well known for their locally sourced beef, as well as the way they prepare it. Starting with an incredibly slow roasting process, these chefs know that patience goes a long way into perfecting prime rib. Taking things a step further, they prepare the au jus exactly how it should be. Taking the drippings from the bone, they feature bone marrow jus to dip their succelent cuts of meat into. Pair that with the owner's take on an Old Fashioned and you're in for one delightful evening.

    For those who are looking for something other than their top rated dish, the menu is nicely varied. Porkbelly specials, braised and roasted veal breast, stripe bass, and more are all equally delicious dishes to try. The culinary prowess of Jesup Hall is the care and creativity one should expect from experienced chefs, and a perfect compliment to the high end living at The Waypointe Luxury Apartments.

    Parker Mansion

    From the inside seating to the tables by to docks, Parker Mansion exudes a great level of class. Top pics from the menu include asparagus wrapped in melted mozzarella and cooked prosciutto, a Mediterranean flavored rigatoni, Chilean sea bass, and truffle fries. As for the prime rib, it all depends on how you want to eat it.

    If you're looking for a hearty chuck of wonderfully browned and flavored meat with wonderful au jus, then you can't go wrong with the original. If you prefer your prime rib in the form of a sandwich with onions and cheese on perfectly toasted bread, Parker Mansion will make you one to remember. Those looking for different cuts will enjoy their short rib, 8oz, and filleted tips. Pair yours with a glass of fine wine to complete the savory experience.

    Spotted Horse Tavern

    This delightful little tavern is home to everything from decadent dishes to food for the soul. Cocktails and wines galore pair perfectly with any of their menu items. Top menu items include a black truffle burger, lobster macaroni and cheese, a seared tuna taco, and salmon with sweet pea risotto.

    As for prime rib, this quaint place serves up a scrumptious sandwich with au jus made from the drippings. A favorite from the locals, The Spotted Horse is the perfect place to quickly satisfy your prime rib cravings.

    Silver Start Diner

    Before we enter the realm of juicy prime rib, it is worth noting that the Silver Star Diner features fresh desserts on display for all patrons. From cakes to fudge, and everywhere in-between, there's something to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. Why choose a diner for the best prime rib in Norwalk, though? Just the like The Waypointe Luxury Apartments, The Silver Star values traditional appeal from a classic time. This is a diner true to the name with American favorites and high end dishes such as Lamb and Orzo, not some run of the mill modern diner with a vast menu of sub-par food. This classic experience is completed by hearty breakfast choices and a delicious prime rib made with tender care. Slow roasted, browned at the finish, and served with au jus made right from the drippings, never underestimate an old school diner.

    The Waypointe Luxury Apartments

    When it comes to the best prime rib in Norwalk, any of these locations are well worth the visit. We know how to serve a succulent plate of the best cut of rib here in Connecticut, as well as how to live in lavish style. The Waypointe is culmination of classic and modern desing, creating the newest destination for luxury living. Centrally located in Norwalk, residents have complete access to all of the city's premier features. This is elevated living.