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    Best Ice Cream in CT

    July 27, 2019

    little girl eating ice cream in a cone

    Another year, another set of accolades for Newtown's Ferris Acres Creamery. If you've spent any time at all in the apartments for rent in Stamford CT, or just know the state in general, then you probably know already that this legendary spot is famed far and wide for its delicious ice cream. As the Stamford Advocate recently reported, this year, they're bringing even more acclaim for their delectable flavors:

    "Ferris Acres Creamery in Newtown is collecting accolades. Thrillist has included it in its annual list of the best ice cream places in America for the past three years. And now Travel + Leisure is taking notice as well. The site set out to find the best ice cream spot in each state based on Yelp reviews, and Ferris Acres' local homemade ice cream made the cut."

    This puts Ferris Acres shoulder to shoulder with other nationally-known establishments like the Fat Cat Creamery in Houston, Texas, and Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. What, you might be wondering, earns Ferris Acres the distinction of being in such esteemed and elite company? Today, we're going to take a look behind this Not-so-secret Connecticut gem, and learn a bit more about what makes them so great.

    The Story of Ferris Acres

    We can't describe the secrets behind Ferris Acres' success without first delving into their lineage. Though the establishment, in its current form, officially opened in 2003, the Ferris story dates back much further, as the Ferris name has been part of the fabric of Newtown since 1703 — when the very first Ferris arrived in town. Years later, in 1864, William David Baldwin Ferris, a descendant of that original Ferris, purchased the farm that the Creamery now operates from.

    It was handed down through the generations and used for agricultural purposes until the family banded together in 2003 to establish the Ferris Acres Creamery. It's a family business, in every sense of the word, as they've got multiple generations of the Ferris bloodline managing the property, operating the farm, conducting business, and making that great ice cream. It's a story they're not afraid to boast about either:

    "With the addition of the creamery, Ferris Acres offers a unique opportunity for the public to get a glimpse of how one family strives to maintain a profitable farm in Connecticut. It is our goal to provide a venue where our customers can enjoy a view that includes farm animals, pastures and fields, and pragmatic farm machinery operation while tasting made-on-the-farm frozen desserts."

    So, as you can see, success at Ferris Acres is a product of a cohesive vision and generous helpings of cooperation from a dedicated family. This unity is what sets them apart from any run-of-the-mill ice cream operation, and adds that "certain something" to every batch of ice cream they produce. Next, let's take a closer look at that expansive ice cream selection, shall we?

    Exploring Ferris Acres

    All told, the Ferris Acres Creamery has 32 "regular" flavors of ice cream, that are available throughout their operating days, along with 37 "special" flavors whose availability cycles from day-to-day. Then there are the sorbets, no-sugar flavors, vegan ice cream varieties, fall flavors, winter flavors, milkshakes, ice cream cookies, and sundaes. It's a confederacy of cream the likes of which you've never seen before (unless you're a regular at the creamery), so upon your first arrival, you might be awestruck at all the options you have to pick from.

    The choice is yours, obviously, but we're suckers for the Coconut Chocolate Chunk, which includes coconut ice cream with coconut flakes and chunks of (not too bitter) dark chocolate. Then there's the famed Bada Bing, which combines chocolate almond ice cream with more of that sumptuous dark chocolate and some Bing Cherries. And from the specialty menu, if you can get your hands on some of that Caramalt, which is a mixture of chocolate malt ice cream and swirls of caramel and chocolate shavings, you're sure to have a great experience.

    What's more, the Creamery also makes delicious Ice Cream Cakes, if you can believe that. You've got to give them a 72-hour advance notice for your order, but the end product is worth the wait, and it's a perfect supplement for any summer parties you might be interested in throwing. Speaking of which, Ferris Acres Creamery is also in the business of catering weddings and other events. They'll be sure to bust out all the style and panache they can to ensure your party-goers leave with their palates satisfied.

    For those wondering if the Ferris Acres Farm is the only place you can find their amazing ice cream, you'll be happy to note that there are a few other places around the state where their flavors are stocked, which include:

    • Tambascio’s Italian Grill
    • Villarina's Pasta Shops
    • Upper Crust Pizzeria
    • Red Rooster Pub
    • Smith & East Marketplace
    • Dere Street Restaurant
    • Shortt's Farm
    • Papa Al's
    • Roxbury Market
    • My Place Restaurant

    So, bottom line? Ferris Acres are the undisputed kings of ice cream in Connecticut. while the summer's in full swing and the temperatures are high, you owe it to yourself to head on down and try at least one of their flavors. You can even bring the family and make it a fun group outing. Just prepare to be amazed, and don't be surprised if you find yourself craving a second helping.

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