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    Best Friday Night Activities

    June 2, 2015

    top view of a glass of lime margaritas on the rocks with salt on the rim and lime - The Waypointe Apts

    Now that we know Norwalk’s been rated #2 on the 2015 list of “Best Towns in Connecticut,” it’s not hard to figure out how we’re going to celebrate. Or is it?

    If you’re looking for the best Friday night activities in Norwalk, there’s only one way to make a final decision. Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books from your childhood?

    Think of yourself as a neighborhood explorer dropping into our great city for the weekend, and choose wisely. Thankfully, none of these outcomes will lead you off a cliff, but they will prevent you from having a boring weekend! Just reference the answers at the very bottom when you find the option that fits your preferences. Let’s get started!

    1) Finally! It’s Friday.

    After this hectic work week, you’ve definitely earned the weekend, with all of the fun and relaxation that comes along with it. You get a call from your friend, and she’s exhausted. “Let’s just stay in and watch Netflix,” she pleads. But your heart’s set on a night out! Do you:

  • Decide to stay in with her. (go to option F)
  • Convince her to go out with you, but to a relaxed venue - something different. (go to option C)
  • Go over to her house, get her off their couch, and pick out a swanky outfit. It’s going to be a fun weekend no matter what! (go to option B)

  • 2) You and your friend are at your venue of choice

    (if you opted to spend the evening on the couch, you can stop reading now. Enjoy your Homeland marathons and popcorn). The music is bumping, and you’re starting to feel a little lightheaded. You and your friend step outside for some air, and you both agree that it’s time for a little snack. What are you in the mood for?

  • Snack? We want a meal, not a snack. Bring out the platters! (go to option E)
  • We’re in the mood for something quick and tasty, so we can get back to the party (or back to watching the game). (go to option A)
  • Um...doesn’t this place serve food? That’s the reason we chose it, after all. (go to option D)

  • 3) Things are winding down,

    and your stomach is much happier now that you’ve eaten some delicious food. Where to next, captain?

  • Home, of course. We’re not 21 anymore! (head to your spacious apartment in Norwalk)
  • Somewhere relaxed, so we can recap the night’s events. (go to option G)
  • NO SLEEP TIL BROOKLYN! Er - until we get so exhausted we have to call our cab. (go to option H)

  • Congratulations

    - you’ve made it through a weekend night in Norwalk. Hopefully you enjoyed yourself. Time for bed - hopefully at your beautiful apartment that’s not far from your favorite restaurants, bars, and clubs. Interested in touring the best apartments Norwalk has to offer? Get in touch with us today!


    1. A.O’Neill’s Restaurant & Pub

    2. B. Lotus Lounge

    3. C. Muse Paintbar

    4. D. Blue Cactus Grill

    5. E. Tacos El Azteca

    6. F. Order Takeout

    7. G. Barcelona Wine Bar

    8. H. Episode Ultra Lounge