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    Atlantic in Home Decor

    September 15, 2018

    piece of white coral and white seashell on a dresser top with vintage earrings displayed - The Waypointe

    From the Oyster Festival to the Maritime Museum, the Atlantic Ocean is central to the Norwalk community. As Waypointers, we’re proud of our fascinating maritime history and love having the Atlantic Coast for a playground. Incorporating nautical decor into our homes has been a long-standing New England tradition, but we’ll be the first to admit that it can very easily go beyond chic and wind up in the realm of kitsch. Here are some creative–and tasteful!–ways to bring the beach inside, minus all the sand and crabs. (Hopefully.)

    Bring the Shore Indoors with Splashes of Beachy Color

    From sandy beiges to ocean hues, nautically-inspired colors are in this year. Pantone’s Spring 2015 Fashion Color Report features beach-evoking colors like Aquamarine, Scuba Blue and Sandstone. Additionally, the Classic Blue is a not-quite navy shade that could have been inspired by the New England shore, and Toasted Almond makes for a perfect neutral to balance out all those blues. For a subtle Atlantic-inspired touch, accent your home with throw pillows, rugs, drapes, etc. featuring a selection of these colors.

    The Beachcomber’s Delight: Tasteful and Subtle Shell Crafts

    With every outgoing tide, the Atlantic leaves remnants of itself behind. With so many beautiful shells and shell fragments deposited practically in your backyard at The Waypointe, it’s hard to resist bringing home treasured beach finds after your morning jog or a sunset stroll. But even the most beautiful of seashells often end up in a sandy pile next to the door or in a jar at the back of the closet. When you find yourself with some free time, try utilizing those shells in a DIY project. And no, not all seashell projects end up looking as tacky as Rachel’s seashell lamp from Friends. There are actually dozens of tasteful ways to incorporate seashells into your interior decor, including these oyster shell table salt cellars.

    Stock Your Shelves and Your Coffee Table with Nautical Books

    The Atlantic has defined the New England way of life for centuries. From shipbuilding to fishing to whaling, maritime history and culture pervade our boardwalks, museums, restaurants, and our decor, in particular. Take a trip to the Mystic Seaport Maritime Bookstore to stock up on reading material and gorgeous maritime texts to display on your coffee table.

    Sand Candles: The Perfect DIY Project for Couples & Families

    In the same vein as our suggested seashell crafts above, sand candles are a great way to incorporate beach life into your home. After all, you have an abundance of materials–seashells, driftwood, sand–right in your backyard. Perfect for a romantic beach date or weekend afternoon with the family, making sand candles is a great way to enjoy the beach, get creative, and add a nautical touch to your home.

    If you’re not yet living your dream life on the Atlantic shore, contact us today about finding your new home at The Waypointe. After all, a new apartment is a great excuse to freshen up your decor with nautical accents.

    Image: Flickr