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    Alternatives to Roses on V-Day

    February 13, 2019

    couple about to kiss holding roses - The Waypointe

    The most romantic day of the year is almost here, and roses are about to take center stage in the flower industry. Long-time partners and first date hopefuls in the Stamford CT apartments will be flocking to local stores to purchase these iconic flowers, but what if there was something better?

    Everyone gets roses for Valentine’s Day, which is starting to make them a little less romantic and lot more commercial. Instead of opting for this go-to on V-Day, why not give your partner something special and unique? Check out these top alternative flowers.

    1. Dahlias

    The somewhat spikey, tube-shaped petals of the Dahlia turn into an enormous bloom. They remain one of the prettiest flowers on the planet and offer a wide variety of colors and shapes. There’s more to these flowers than just their looks, though.

    The Dahlia signified a lasting bond and the undying commitment between two people in Victorian times, but their long-standing significance is simply to celebrate the differences that make you unique. On top of that, different shades have different meanings as well.

    Red stands for power and strength, while pink and purple are associated with kindness and grace. Blue and green represent fresh starts or big changes. White is an enduring symbol of focus and purity. Based on your relationship, you can choose the perfect color to show your affection.

    2. Ranunculus

    If you’re special someone isn’t keen on the way roses smell, then the scentless ranunculus is an excellent alternative. Their large number of tightly-layered petals produce up to 40 blooms, giving them a unique and beautiful appeal.

    Historically, the receiver of a ranunculus flower is though to be attractive and have a radiant charm by the giver. With warm hues ranging from reds and pinks to whites and peach, you really can’t go wrong with this alternative.

    3. Tulips

    The tulip is just as enduring as the rose. This popular flower once led to an economic bubble in Holland due its high demand, known as Tulip Mania. This flower comes in a single and double variety, as well as wide range of colors to choose from.

    Tulips convey an enduring love between two individuals, which can be used for romantic partners as well as family. Pink is often used to for family, usually meaning “great affection” instead of love, while red is saved for romantic partners.

    Yellow tulips are also an option, which are historically used to show an unrequited love. This color is excellent if you happen to forget a special occasion, as it also stands for forgotten or neglected love. If you happen to be celebrating your 11th wedding anniversary, these are also the flowers of choice.

    4. Sweet Peas

    With everything from deep reds to crisp whites, sweet peas can stand on their own. They also look incredible in arrangements with peaches and pinks (perfect for Valentine’s Day). While the height of their popularity was at weddings in Edwardian English times, they remain an excellent choice today.

    This is a very fragrant flower whose dried leaves are often found in potpourri, so make sure your partner likes strong-smelling flowers beforehand. The meaning behind the sweet pea is bliss and delicate pleasure, usually associated with a lasting marriage or relationship. If you do want to stick with something a little traditional, sweet peas blend exceptionally well with roses.

    5. Peonies

    Large and lush, peonies not only come in variety of shapes and colors but also have varying scents to choose from. Those reminiscent of citrus or baby powder are incredibly popular, but don’t hesitate to find something your partner will enjoy.

    Peonies have a long history of representing ideas and values. They can represent family honor through success, romance or romantic love, and are often used to tell someone how you truly feel. Pink peonies are a top choice for expressing your feelings if this is new relationship or one you would like to start.

    White and pale pink communicate regret over forgetting a special occasion or messing up, with deep red holding a significance of honor, wealth, and prosperity in some Asian cultures. The color you choose is up to you, but peonies are excellent ice breakers.

    6. Sunflowers

    Sunflowers are the flower of happiness. Yellow represent joy, life, and new beginnings. For friends and family, sunflowers are given to represent admiration or adoration. Vibrant oranges and reds are used to show you admire strength and positivity.

    For lovers, yellow sunflowers are used to show that you’re ready to begin your life’s journey together. That could mean a proposal, a promise, or simply deciding to see each other exclusively. Brown and burgundy are often given to show loyalty and support, which is an excellent option during pregnancy or any turbulent period for your partner.

    You can pair this vibrant flower in a wide variety of arrangements, making them highly versatile. At the same time, they’re powerful enough to stand on their own. Regardless of which you choose, make sure to let your partner know they can eat the seeds for a special treat.

    7. Orchids

    Orchids are considered stunning around the world, but they also convey a number of positive sentiments. Love, fertility, thoughtfulness, and charm are all represented though this versatile flower. The trick is choosing the right color. Since there are so many, here’s a simple list:

    • Blue – Rarity
    • Red – Strength, Courage, Passion, and Desire
    • Pink – Grace, Joy and Happiness
    • White – Humility, Purity, Elegance, and Beauty
    • Purple – Admiration, Respect, and Dignity
    • Yellow – Good Luck, New Beginnings, and Friendship
    • Orange – Boldness, Pride, and Enthusiasm
    • Green – Good Fortune, Longevity, and Good Health

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