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    Adding Color to White Room

    June 9, 2015

    White room - The Waypointe Apts

    What's your first reaction to a blank wall?

    Sure, brushing on some color can be an easy fix to add interest or warmth, but we challenge you to channel your creative side before you slap on that coat of paint.

    Here are some great tips for how you can strategically add color to a white room, so you can make your Waypointe apartment look even more fabulous.

    Create a color palette.

    The nice thing about white walls is that the color palettes you can create are limitless! Adding pops of colors throughout a room can turn a boring white room into a sophisticated space. But you want to make sure that those colors are purposeful in the way they compliment and/or contrast with each other. There are many online color palette generators that you can use to build the perfect color palette to decorate your white room.

    Choose a few standout items.

    While adding pops of color will help give some color to your blank-walled room, you may want to also include a few interesting pieces that stand out. For example, you add pops of baby blue throughout the room (as per tip 1), but then to up the intrigue you can place a dark blue armchair with a faded floral vintage print on a corner without much color. This piece will become a focal point in the room and stand out among the other lighter and more solid blues. Take time to find an interesting standout item with a bold pattern and rich color.

    Bring nature indoors.

    Potted plants, whether real or fake, can add natural warmth to a room. Have fun with succulents placed on shelves or tall plants that give color a corner or entire wall. Try out different placements and heights for the plants to find what gives your room the perfect look and feel for you.

    Use fabric.

    Curtains are an obvious fabric to focus on when introducing color. Many go for safe and pale colors when dealing with white walls— but that can be a mistake! Don’t be afraid to allow your curtains to be bold and patterned. Other fabrics that you can focus on are pillow covers, sofa throws, and even framing fabric for an easy art piece.

    Contents = color.

    Sometimes we forget that separately-bought decorative pieces aren’t the only items that can be used to put together a space. The actual contents of the room can be essential to adding color to a white room. For example, your books can be used strategically to create a color pattern on a bookshelf or a coffee table. Or the items on your desk can be organized by color for a cool effect. Get creative!

    Play with textures.

    Color is important, but so is texture. A leather couch with lace pillows, a textured white wall, or even different textured frames on a wall can all be great places to add dimension to a white room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match various textures.

    Don’t forget about lighting.

    Remember, you can’t have color without light. Always try to use natural light if you’re able to get it in your room. But you can also try different lamp shades and use various light qualities to create warmth in your mostly-white room. Playing with creating shadows in certain parts of the room can also add depth to your white walls.

    Have fun with decorating your Waypointe apartment by also learning how to create more space in your apartment. To find out how you can lease your own [Norwalk luxury apartment, contact us]( "Carmel Apartments The Waypointe - Contact Form).