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The Waypointe is a premier new destination in downtown Norwalk, convenient to I-95, Route 7, Metro-North, and Amtrak.

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    A Sensational Summer Norwalk

    July 21, 2017

    Norwalk Summer - The Waypointe Apts

    If you are considering a sophisticated and premium place to live in Connecticut, you have probably already heard about The Waypointe Apartments. These new luxury apartments are everything for everyone. All lifestyles have been considered and great effort was put into the design of these homes.

    However, we all know we live in our homes, but life is outside the doors. With that said, Norwalk is one of the most desired locations in the United States. We will share a little information with you on the lifestyle you can expect from The Waypointe Apartments in Norwalk, and also the wonderful things this city has to offer, This summer is already filled with fun things to do, so let's get started.

    Life In Norwalk

    The most wonderful thing about living in Norwalk is the diversity. Norwalk is only 45 miles from Manhattan. However, it is like another world. While Norwalk has the sophistication of the upper-class, it is also relaxed and comfortable. There are wide open fields, historical farms, and plenty of places to go boating. There are carnivals and community as you would expect from years gone by. But, there is elegance, charm, high-end dining and shopping.

    People living in The Waypointe Apartments desire the diversity of having the lifestyle they want at any given moment. If they are in a place in life where they are living busy lives, thriving in business, enjoying friends and social events and in continual motion, they want a place that can keep up with them. They want to be pampered when they arrive home to luxury accommodations. They do not want to go searching. They need a state of the art business center, Carnegie services, dry cleaning pickup and delivery, and other details like package acceptance. Waypointe is like having a personal assistant. They want convenient dining and shopping at their fingertips. The Waypointe Apartments offers all this and a lot more.

    When it is time to relax, the resident wants the same high quality and attention to detail. Game rooms, movie theater, modern fitness and workout area are provided. When it is time to hang out at the pool or have a BBQ on the patio with friends. The amenities offered by this beautiful new apartment community rival anything the big cities like New York have to offer.

    Summer activities in Norwalk for 2017

    The city of Norwalk has a continual weekly calendar of events. From car shows, to live performances or free movies in the park, you will have something to enjoy all summer. You can get more information by clicking here. The locations listed below are visitors favorites. You will enjoy special summer exhibits and the busy activities of this diverse community.

    Until you have enjoyed the historical SoNo District in Norwalk, you have not experienced Norwalk. There are dozens of fantastic restaurants, live music from jazz to blues to rock and roll, a bustling nightlife, and a community that is unique and blended. Enjoy the local artists sketching at the art galleries, artsy vendors selling their crafts, and specialty shops. This is the liveliest part of Norwalk and a must do for visitors.

    Long Island Sound

    Long Island Sound is everything ocean. This is an estuary where ocean salt water mixes with freshwater from rivers creating an incredible ecosystem. People come from miles around to experience this unique place and to enjoy the beautiful beaches, lighthouses, boating and sailing and fresh seafood.

    There are more than 180 species of fish and countless species of birds that call Long Island Sound home. There are also 1200 species of invertebrates. Ships and ferries use the Long Island Sound routinely. Much of the country’s oysters, crabs, and lobsters are harvested from these waters. Visitors flock to the area to sunbathe and sail.

    No trip to Long Island Sound is complete without exploring its history and visiting one of the wonderful nature centers.

    Devil’s Den Preserve Trail

    This preserve stands as the largest in southwestern Connecticut, at 1746-acres. This is a beautiful place for hiking, nature walks, and bird watching. The looped trail is 7.7 miles and is lightly traveled. The forests, lakes, and activities on by the preserve draw people from all over the country. This is an experience any nature lover will enjoy. You will find most people visit the preserve in the summer months, but there are activities through November.

    Gallaher Mansion and Cranbury Park

    This historic mansion is breathtaking. The mansion was built in 1930 by Edward Beach Gallagher and no expense was spared. The decor features deep wood, carvings, and stained glass windows. The terrace has two adjoining, sculptured gardens which you can view in full from the terrace. It is a perfect choice for a wedding venue.

    Cranbury Park is a massive 227-acres and features play areas, picnic areas, a pavilion and frisbee golf course. There is plenty of shaded forestry nearby and the summer temperatures in Norwalk are inviting and comfortable. This is a great adventure for any group or family.

    Other places to see in Norwalk

    There are many places to visit in this thriving city. No matter what your interests are, you will find an outlet for it. While we cannot list all of the places we would like to, the following are too good to leave off:

    Sheffield Island Lighthouse
    Wall Street Theater
    East Norwalk Historical Cemetery
    Lockwood-Mathews Mansion
    Norwalk Historical Society Mill Hill Historical Park

    The Waypointe Difference

    Now that you have explored the wonderful treasures this area has to offer, you can see why Norwalk was chosen to construct these luxury apartment homes. These homes are for people who enjoy life to its fullest. When the work they work hard and when they play they play hard. At the end of it all they can relax in the extravagance they have earned and rest easy. Plan a visit to Waypointe Apartments before you decide on a residential location. You will see the Waypointe Difference and realize it fits you perfectly.